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Coming together at Config 2021

Dylan FieldCo-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Figma

Everything we announced at Config 2021, including new spaces for creators to imagine and iterate, brainstorm, and build—together.

Nothing great is made alone. Our teams, collaborators, and thought partners are instrumental in shaping a good idea into a great one. This year, more than ever, we’ve learned that the best ideas come from tapping into the power of varied experiences and diverse perspectives.

For a long time, togetherness wasn’t the norm in design. When we first launched Figma

, people thought design was a solo act. Teams opened up over time, particularly over this past year, as entire organizations—designers and non-designers alike—sought out digital spaces, like Figma, to be together.

Today, at Config 2021, we announced new ways to bring you and your teammates together at different stages of design, while also enabling more people to meaningfully contribute to the process:

  • FigJam, a new whiteboard space for teams to ideate and brainstorm
  • Branching, a new workflow that enables others to contribute to your design system
  • A new mobile app, an easier way for stakeholders to view designs from anywhere
  • Audio, a new channel to converse with teammates while iterating on designs
  • Higher user limits, so 500+ of your design friends can come together in Figma
  • And publishing to the Figma Community for everyone!

Explore more ideas together with FigJam

From day one, we’ve seen our community push Figma beyond interface design. Figma has become an open canvas for teams to use however—and for whatever—they need. However, as a general design tool, Figma was not designed to be intuitive for all these use cases. That’s why today we’re announcing FigJam, a new whiteboard space purpose-built for you to brainstorm ideas, diagram user journeys, and more.

As you explore FigJam, you’ll find some unique features to express yourself. Since so many of us have moved from physical to digital spaces, we wanted to bring some of the serendipity and warmth of in-person interactions into the FigJam canvas. With emotes, chats, and more, we’re excited to create a space where teams can be themselves, together.

Released today in open beta, FigJam is free until February, 2022. In 2022, FigJam will have both free and paid plans ($8 and $15 per editor/month). Roll-out begins at 9am PT on April 21 and it’ll be available to all users by the end of the day. We want to build FigJam with our community—we hope that you check it out and can't wait to hear what you think!

Iterate thoughtfully with branching

To better enable teams to collaborate as they grow and scale, we’re introducing branching to Figma. When inspiration strikes, you can now branch a file to provide yourself a breakout space to riff. Like everything in Figma, you can collaborate with others in the branch using multiplayer. Finished? With just a few clicks, you can update the main branch with a simple merge.

From empowering more teammates to contribute to your design system to enabling a safe space to explore variations, branching gives teams—especially large ones—a way to iterate together. Available in beta, branching is a feature on our Organization plan. To learn more about branching permissions and workflows, check out this article.

Figma at your fingertips with our new mobile app

Many of our users are designing state of the art apps in Figma and need a way to see how their designs look and feel on an actual device. But beyond that, we also want to give you more ways to share your work—to bring others along and involve them from wherever they might be.

The all new mobile app for iOS and Android is now in beta and will be released to everyone soon. Along with a more stable mirrored playback experience, files and prototypes are now easier than ever to access and view from anywhere. Visit this article for more information on our mobile app beta and upcoming launch.

Talk it out with audio

Sometimes it’s helpful to talk through changes live. With audio, you can start a call instantly in the editor and easily invite your colleagues to join you. Whether it’s doing a design critique live in a Figma file or holding a group brainstorm in FigJam, you can talk it out directly in the editor.

Coming soon, audio will be available to users on our Professional and Organization plans. You can sign up here to be notified when it’s available.

500+ users

In addition to creating new ways for different users to contribute, we’re raising the multiplayer limit to 500 concurrent users (100 editors and 400 viewers) in Figma today. And in a few weeks, we’ll be pushing that to 1,000 concurrent users (200 editors and 800 viewers) in both Figma and FigJam.

While we’re increasing these limits to support use cases like large scale design presentations, workshops, and classroom activities, we’re excited to see how they might open up new, different use cases we haven’t seen before in the design space. To learn more about our expanded user limits, check out this article.

Publishing to the Figma Community

Last but definitely not least, we are opening the Figma Community so everyone can publish now. Not only can you access files created from other users, like the new FigJam templates, you can share your work, a helpful template, or a cool trick with the world.

We can’t wait for you to try out these new updates and spaces to brainstorm, design, and build. We plan to iterate based on your feedback and are so excited to see what you and your teams create—together.

Dylan Field is the co-founder and CEO of Figma. Dylan studied computer science and mathematics at Brown University where he and his co-founder, Evan Wallace, first started experimenting with design tools built on (and for) the web. With funding from a Thiel fellowship, they began Figma. Prior to Figma, Dylan interned at O'Reilly Media, LinkedIn, and Flipboard.

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