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Figma raises $25MM Series B

Dylan FieldCo-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Figma

We're thrilled to announce we raised a $25 million Series B led by Kleiner Perkins.

Today’s news: I’m thrilled to announce we raised a $25 million Series B led by Kleiner Perkins’ newest partner, Mamoon Hamid. We’re looking forward to working with Mamoon (and excited to be his first investment at KPCB). He’s known for making prescient early bets on SaaS companies like Slack, Box and Intercom, in part due to his data-driven investment thesis and go-to-market expertise. Our existing investors — Danny Rimer at Index, John Lilly at Greylock and LinkedIn’s Jeff Weiner — joined the round as well (❤).

Five years ago, we started Figma with the simple belief our tools should empower us not limit us. We believed that creation should be accessible and collaborative rather than exclusionary and siloed. Adopting a new way of working is a journey, one that can get messy and takes time; we’re thankful to everyone (users, employees, investors) who supported our vision early.

Dylan Field is the co-founder and CEO of Figma. Dylan studied computer science and mathematics at Brown University where he and his co-founder, Evan Wallace, first started experimenting with design tools built on (and for) the web. With funding from a Thiel fellowship, they began Figma. Prior to Figma, Dylan interned at O'Reilly Media, LinkedIn, and Flipboard.

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