Figma’s new word wiz

Carmel DeAmicis, Editor at Figma

Hey Internet. I wanted to check in and give you an update on my life. As many of you know, I took the last year off to travel and work on some personal development projects after a near decade in journalism. Lots of adventures, self-growth, all the rest — stay tuned for inevitable post on it — but now I’m back in San Francisco.

I’ve joined Figma, an application that helps people design tech interfaces, as their in-house writer, editor, and all around word wiz. Figma is the first such tool based in the browser, so they’re trying to do for product design (and apps like Photoshop and Sketch) what Google Docs did for word processing (and Microsoft Word). Namely, make it easier for designers to work with others on any computer from anywhere in the world.

At Figma, I’ll be applying my editorial chops to the tech design beat. That means profiling people building awesome apps and websites, writing about trends in the community, editing our in-house designers’ opinion pieces, penning advice posts with help from experts, and all the rest. This is familiar territory for me — I spent my first three years in San Francisco working as a tech journalist at PandoDaily, Gigaom (RIP), then Re/code.

As software eats the world, the technology design community is growing. It’s a tight-knit group of people with a lot of untold stories, so I’m excited to explore this world. You can check out our first post here — on designers taking political action.

If you hear of cool projects or people that should be covered, please shoot me a line —

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