Introducing the Figma Community Resources Hub

Claire Butler, Community

Today we're excited to launch our Community Resources Hub. For years now, our community has been building and releasing incredible resources for one another of their own accord, from icon sets to video tutorials and extensions. But unless you religiously follow us on Twitter and happen to remember when these things come out, you might have missed them. With the Community Resources Hub, we want to make it easier to find, discover and use these awesome resources and to encourage more people in our community to create new resources to share.

We started with what we think are the most useful 100 resources spread across four categories: Assets, Courses, Guides & Best Practices and [Extensions & APIs)(/resources/extensions-and-apis/.


Why start a new design from scratch every time? In the Assets section in the Resources Hub we’ve gathered what we think are the most useful assets to get you started across UI kits like Google's Material Design for Figma, icon sets like this one from Meg Robichaud, component libraries like Greg Dlubacz's UX Flow, and templates like Gaurang Alat's Browser Isometric. Since Figma is on the web, with our assets you can click a link and immediately duplicate the file into your Figma account. What will you do with all of your extra free time?


Whether you are looking to sharpen your design skills or master Figma features, this section of our Resources Hub contains courses that will help you learn our tool like Design Lab's Figma 101, study design fundamentals with courses like Zach Grosser's Learn Design, or master advanced technical topics in Figma like with Meng To's Creating a Design System in Figma. All of the resources have an organized curriculum to help you achieve specific learning outcomes. Some are free while others are paid. We’ve tried to evaluate them for you honestly, so you know what you're in for before signing up.

Guides & Best Practices

One of the best things about Figma is the flexibility. There's 1000 different ways to do things in our tool, so the Figma community can give you inspiration. In this section you will find a growing collection of high quality guides like Mirko Santangelo's Figma: Colors and Styles, in depth case studies like Deliveroo's 4 reasons we love Figma and technical deep dives like Tom Lowry's Component Architecture in Figma to help you get the most out of Figma. This section also includes independent reviews of Figma that will give it to you straight like Marco Pacifico's A Sketch User's Perspective on Switching to Figma. The Guides and Best Practices will help you with things like convincing your team to switch to Figma or setting up your design system.

API & Extensions

Since we launched our Platform last year, users have been creating very useful tools that can save you hours of time. From API projects available in code repositories like Jon Gold's authenticator Micro Figma to third-party integrations like Figma x Overflow, this candy store of goodies will super charge your workflow.

Submit a Resource

We hope this is just the beginning. If you're interested in submitting, share your Asset, Course, Guide / Best Practice or API / Extension with us through this form. We'll be adding the ones that seem most useful to the widest number of Figma users first.

Thanks to everyone who's already built resources to make this site useful, and we look forward to what else the community has to share.