Dylan Field |
Reflections on Config, our first user conference
When we first set out to organize a user conference, our goal was to create a physical manifestation of the community, a space to have meaningful conversations. Here is a look at some key themes that emerged from those conversations.
Alia Fite |
How to run a remote brainstorm
The Figma team has been working remotely for a couple weeks now, and we’re still adjusting to our new normal. Here, we share tips for running a remote brainstorm, based on what’s working well for us.
Linda Eliasen |
Finding confidence in design decisions
We have all doubted ourselves and our decisions at some point in our careers. This activity will help guide you through your confidence-building journey.
Michelle Morrison |
The Dropbox guide to building creative culture
Learn how the design team at Dropbox builds creative culture. Get the Team Values Toolkit, along with tips for running the exercise with your team.
Andrea Helmbolt |
Figma on Figma: How we built our website design system
A look at how the Figma marketing team built, and continues to build, the design system for
Amanda Kleha |
Bringing the community together in Figma
There is a lot we are excited about as we look to the year ahead. At the core of it all is the community.
Brie Wolfson |
Made in Figma, 2019: Design by the numbers
What you made in Figma, and how you made it, in 2019.
Carmel DeAmicis |
"The Decade of Design”: How the last 10 years transformed design’s role in tech
The tech industry, which long exalted the engineer, has finally begun to appreciate the designer too.
Morgan Kennedy |
Humanity at work: Gusto brings a new brand to life with Figma
Take a look at how Gusto used Figma to create a top-to-bottom brand experience that’s all about people.
Claire Butler |
Let’s create Figma’s first user conference together
Figma's first user conference will take place on February 6, 2020, in San Francisco, CA. Get involved by submitting our Call for Proposals or filling out our Attendee Application by November 20th.
Tori Hinn |
Bringing new life to Figma’s brand
From typography to colors to illustration, the Figma brand has evolved.
Nelson Taruc |
Customer journey mapping with Figma
Learn how to create interactive customer journey maps to better understand your users.
Namika Hamasaki |
How a designer makes background patterns to push her creativity
How a designer became a pattern maker through a daily challenge
Noah Levin |
Design critiques at Figma
Learn 6 unique methods for design critique used by the Figma design team, along with some tips and best practices for running them effectively.
Carmel DeAmicis |
The birth of Inter: How the new open-source typeface used by GitHub and Mozilla came to be
Here's what goes into creating a brand new typeface.
Andrea Helmbolt |
How to run a design sprint
Design sprints are an effective processes used by teams to solve complex problems in a short period of time. Learn how to plan and facilitate the six phases of a design sprint.
Korin Harris |
Product design portfolio tips from a Figma recruiter
To avoid common portfolio pitfalls, put yourself in the shoes of your target audience.
Andrea Helmbolt |
What’s new on June roundup
Take a look at what we have been writing about over on A guide to iconography, open-sourced React containers, while-labeled design systems, and more
Figma |
We are on a mission to make the best destination on the web for tips on building and maintaining design systems, sample code, design files and stories from the community about design systems.
Robin Rendle |
Pairing is the key to evangelizing your design system
When you pair with other designers, you gather high level data about what's confusing, what's weird and what's working well with your system of components and design patterns.
Carmel DeAmicis |
Design on a deadline: How Notion pulled itself back from the brink of failure
The story of its last-minute pivot and epic comeback.