Alia Fite |
Behind the build: a Q&A with developer Gavin McFarland
In the third Q&A of the series, Gavin tells us more about his widget, managing tabular data in your workflow, and why he has a soft spot for diagrams. 
Alia Fite |
Behind the build: a Q&A with developer Tekeste Kidanu
In the second Q&A of the series, Tekeste tells us what inspired his new widgets for FigJam, and what he's excited to tackle next. 
Alia Fite |
Behind the build: a Q&A with developer Tru Narla
We reached out to three developers to learn more about who they are, what they built, and what they’re working on next. Tru answers our Q&A and shares the story behind her Soundboard widget.
Alyssa Baughman |
How Elsewhen builds digital products for their clients
Learn about how Elsewhen helped their clients, Spotify and Inmarsat, improve their productivity through collaboration in Figma.
Miguel "Miggi" Cardona |
Rethinking a design thinking workshop for good
How Design the Future used FigJam to bring one hundred high school students together to solve challenges for people with disabilities.  
Miguel "Miggi" Cardona |
FIT’s principles for fostering a collaborative classroom
Best practices from professors at the Fashion Institute of Technology on how to construct a virtual classroom in Figma.
Beez Africa |
Inside Figma: a Q&A with our 2021 interns and new grads
Beez Africa sits down with four interns and new grad Figmates to hear their advice, learnings, and reflections on joining Figma.
Beez Africa |
How the Figma PM team builds products and processes
A behind-the-scenes look at how the Figma PM team brainstorms, builds, and reflects, and what it means to open their process up to cross-functional partners along the way.
Hillary Benzell |
Inside Figma: a Q&A with our global sales team
We sit down with a few Figmates to learn what it’s like to be a member of our global sales team.
Alek Mackie |
Keeping creativity flowing
Alek Mackie, Senior Illustrator at Shopify, shares his tips for staying creative and collaborative, while having fun along the way.
Beez Africa |
Behind the plugin: Cards for Humanity 
We interviewed the creative team behind Cards for Humanity, a tool for inclusive and accessible design. 
Katie Szeto |
Introducing Figma’s New York City hub
Product Manager Katie Szeto shares why we’ve opened an office in New York City, and her reflections on being part of the landing team.
Alyssa Baughman |
How News UK developed a multi-brand design system
The team at News UK shares their experience creating a design system across print, online, radio, and TV. Learn how they overcame some tough challenges and ultimately created a successful system at scale.
Wayne Ng |
The five stages of an effective brainstorm
It can be tough to bridge the gap between generating moonshot ideas and executing on tactical solutions. Read on for our tips on how to prepare, run, and follow up on a brainstorm.
Clancy Slack |
Pride 2021: Getting back out there
Clancy Slack, Data Scientist and lead of the Pride Employee Resource Group at Figma, reflects on Pride month. Learn how we’re celebrating at Figma, and participate by creating a Pride poster in Figma.
Alia Fite |
Embracing the mess at Config 2021
Watch all of the videos from Config 2021, and read on for some of our favorite moments about what it means to celebrate failure, move through obstacles, and embrace the tough parts of product development.
Alia Fite |
Q&A with Dantley Davis
Dantley Davis closed out day two of Config 2021 by detailing his journey to Chief Design Officer at Twitter, and how he channels adversity into impact. Here, we ask Dantley 25 questions, so you can get to know him, beyond the work.
Alia Fite |
In the file at Config 2021
Watch all of the breakout sessions from Config 2021, and read on for a deep dive into the tactics, processes, and systems that keep the teams at Coda and Stripe running.
Hillary Benzell |
Inside Maker Week: more than a hackathon
Starting today, it's Maker Week at Figma. Learn more about this Figma tradition, take a look back at our favorite moments, and stay tuned for more to come throughout the week.
Alia Fite |
Shifting team culture at Config 2021
Last month, we came together at Config 2021, Figma’s two-day virtual design conference. Watch the videos from day one, and read on for some of our favorite moments from the conference.