Rust in Production at Figma
Rust in Production at Figma
How Mozilla’s new language dramatically improved our server-side performance
Figma, faster 🏎
Figma, faster 🏎
Imagine the frustration of trying to pound in a nail when the hammer trails behind your hand by half a second.
Introducing: Figma to React
Introducing: Figma to React
Using Figma's API we built a Figma to React converter. Check it out!
Desperately seeking squircles
Desperately seeking squircles
In a famous 1972 interview, Charles Eames answered a short sequence of fundamental questions about the nature of design.
Introducing: Figma Pages
Introducing: Figma Pages
The design process starts with messy brainstorms and infinite possibility, and somehow ends with finished products (when all goes well).
Figma Now Integrates with Zeplin
Figma Now Integrates with Zeplin
At Figma, we want to support systems of all stripes, so teams can collaborate using the process that works best for them.
Figma 2.0: Now with Prototyping and Developer Handoff
Figma 2.0: Now with Prototyping and Developer Handoff
Big news in the Figma house today — we’re excited to finally unveil Figma 2.0.
Introducing BrowserView for Electron
Introducing BrowserView for Electron
At Figma, we believe everyone should have access to design tools.
Figma now has Guides
Figma now has Guides
From the dawn of Figma time, our users have begged us for guides.
WebAssembly cut Figma's load time by 3x
WebAssembly cut Figma's load time by 3x
WebAssembly was just released this past March but has already generated a lot of excitement in the web community.
Introducing two-factor authentication for Figma
Introducing two-factor authentication for Figma
We want to offer Figma users every option for protecting their data, so today we’re excited to introduce two-factor authentication (2FA).
Introducing Figma Mirror for Android
Introducing Figma Mirror for Android
Android users and designers, we’ve neglected you for too long.
An alternative approach to rate limiting
An alternative approach to rate limiting
A few weeks ago at Figma, we experienced our first-ever spam attack.
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