Emily Brody |
30 updates: recent features and fixes in Figma
We recently launched 30 updates across everything from typography fixes to UX improvements. 
Thomas Lowry |
Announcing Schema, Figma’s design systems conference
Today, we’re opening registration for Schema, Figma’s user conference on all things design systems. 
Heather Tompkins |
Talk it out in Figma and FigJam
Audio and cursor chat are two new ways to communicate in Figma and FigJam, creating a more immersive version of multiplayer.
Miguel "Miggi" Cardona |
Figma for students and educators
As students and educators start the new school year, Designer Advocate Miggi Cardona shares how Figma can help.
Emily Brody |
What’s new in Figma: August 2021
A round-up of new features, fixes, and capabilities that we’ve added to Figma and FigJam.
Bersabel Tadesse |
Bringing the power of our open platform to FigJam 
We are opening up our platform and inviting all builders to create the first plugins and widgets for FigJam.
Wayne Ng |
Inside Figma: building a more collaborative design process
We asked our product design team how they use FigJam to work closer together as a team, and with their cross-functional partners. 
Michael Amodeo |
A Q&A with Figma’s VP of Product
We sit down with Yuhki Yamashita to hear about the road to building FigJam, how things continue to change, and what it means for the future of design and product development.
Dylan Field |
Figma's Series E
We have closed a new round of funding led by Durable Capital Partners, along with new investors like Morgan Stanley's Counterpoint Global. 
Beez Africa |
Collaborating and connecting in FigJam
Last week, we launched a timer in FigJam, allowing you to stop, start, and pause—together. Take a look at some activities we facilitate with teams across Figma, and how you can get started.
Emily Lin |
Inside Figma: how our PM team uses FigJam
Product Manager Emily Lin shares how Figma’s PM team uses FigJam for everything from brainstorms to retrospectives.
Meagan Gamache |
Introducing branching: space to iterate and explore freely
Announcing branching in beta to better enable collaboration at scale.
Dylan Field |
Coming together at Config 2021
Everything we announced at Config 2021, including new spaces for creators to imagine and iterate, brainstorm, and build—together.
Yuhki Yamashita |
Introducing FigJam
Today, we’re introducing FigJam, an online whiteboard for teams to brainstorm and ideate together. 
Saba Munir |
About Figma’s new Starter plan
On April 21, we’ll be making some updates to Figma’s free Starter plan. Ahead of that rollout, we’re sharing what’s changing and what you can expect.
Ben Stern |
Behind the feature: building multi-account
Today we’re launching an account switcher, allowing you to easily toggle between different workspaces in Figma. Product Manager Ben Stern shares what it took to build and ship a (seemingly) simple user request.
Kelsey Whelan |
Bridging design and code with Variants
We’re sharing an inside look at how we built Variants (live today!), including the user feedback that helped us refine the UI and decide on a name.
Ana Castrillon |
How Kimberly-Clark brings your favorite paper products into your home
As Kimberly-Clark faced changing consumer preferences, stiff competition, and increased production costs, the team embarked on a new initiative to accelerate growth—all centered on their digital presence.
Sean Whitney |
Power up your design system with Figma’s agency partners
Figma has partnered with leading digital and design agencies to help you set up, migrate, and scale your design system in Figma.
Wayne Ng |
Six integrations to help your product team collaborate in Figma
Integrations with tools like Confluence and Avocode support different stages of the design process, from user feedback to production.
Dylan Field |
Embracing the tension between code and design
Everything we announced at Config Europe, and how we’re bringing design and code closer together in Figma.