Sho Kuwamoto |
Design more, resize less, with Auto Layout
With Auto Layout buttons can resize with their text. Lists can rearrange themselves when items are moved around. And elements can be nested to create complex interfaces which respond to their content.
Clancy Slack |
Measuring the value of design systems
The data science team at Figma set out to find out just how much time (and money) could be saved when teams leverage a design system.
Thomas Lowry |
Opening up the data behind your design systems
Design System Analytics enables you to see library usage trends, compare libraries, and drill into component usage.
Dylan Field |
Beyond multiplayer: Building community together in Figma
Today we’re introducing two new spaces in Figma: The Figma Community and a redesigned Figma workspace.
Nikolas Klein |
Designing for top feature requests, like Smart Animate
Introducing Smart Animate and Drag, new prototyping features that will open the door to new transition possibilities in Figma.
Thomas Lowry |
Plugin Show & Tell—Some highlights
Get a sneak peak and in-depth look at new and upcoming plugins from 5 plugin developers.
Marcin Wichary |
An ode to OpenType: Fall in love with the secret world of fonts
In Figma you can now turn on additional ligatures, customize the style of digits, switch to alternative letterforms, and make use of adjustments available in many of today’s fonts.
Morgan Kennedy |
How Microsoft built plugins to improve their workflow
Discover how Microsoft customizes their processes with Figma Plugins to more seamlessly integrate their Fluent design system into their workflow and help designers be more efficient.
Samir Goel |
Keeping your data in Figma safe and secure: SOC 2 Type 1, SSO, and more
At Figma, security is part of everything we do. Learn more about our recent security improvements.
Thomas Lowry |
Plugins to help you design with real content
Bring your designs to life using real content (or your own!) with this collection of useful plugins
Thomas Lowry |
Design for everyone with these accessibility-focused plugins
Address accessibility challenges like color contrast and keyboard navigation with these helpful plugins.
Toni Gemayel |
How to wireframe
Learn when to create a wireframe, what goes into them, and how they can help you communicate and iterate on ideas with your team.
Thomas Lowry |
5 utility plugins to speed up your workflow
Check out these new plugins and see how you can start working more efficiently.
Sho Kuwamoto |
Automate work. Bring in real data. Extend what’s possible with Figma Plugins.
We're excited to introduce plugins to the entire Figma community. Today, the gates are open for anyone to use plugins built by our community and build your own plugins tailored to your workflow.
Morgan Kennedy |
Behind the Plugins: Jackie Chui, UX Designer @ Microsoft
Meet Jackie, a Figma API user from the start and Plugins beta user. Check out the useful tools he has been building for Microsoft and the broader community.
Morgan Kennedy |
Behind the Plugins: Matt DesLauriers, Generative Artist & Creative Coder
Check out the plugins Matt has been creating and learn about how he got into making generative art.
Morgan Kennedy |
Behind the Plugins: Yitong Zhang, Product Designer @ Coinbase
Find out what he is building with the Figma API and get to know the creator behind the plugin.
Morgan Kennedy |
Behind the Plugins: Tiffany Chen, UX Designer @ Microsoft
Take a look at what Tiffany is working on in the Plugins beta and find out what inspires her to build for the Figma community.
Morgan Kennedy |
Behind the Plugins: Sam Mason de Caires, UX Engineer @ Cloudflare
A little over a month ago, we onboarded our first customers to the plugins beta. Meet the creators and see what people have been building during the beta.
Joey Banks |
A step-by-step guide to using Figma for retrospectives
Retrospectives can be an easy, lightweight way to introduce your team to a new tool.
Lauren Budorick |
Bring Figma prototypes to life with GIFs
As of today Figma supports animated GIFs in prototypes! Simply add a GIF to your file and watch it come to life when you click “Present.”