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Collaboration features
Collaboration is hard. We make it easier.

Team up to move design work forward, faster. Figma removes all the bad parts of collaboration and gets everyone on the same page—literally.

Discover the most important design work

Figma is where design work gets the visibility it needs across teams.

  • Get the latest updates: Project Pages serve as your team’s hub. Pin files for easy access. Add notes for context.
  • Centered around people: Easily see contributors and projects on Team and Organization Pages.
  • Discover work by creator: Browse the latest files each user has contributed to on their profile.

Jump into a file as a team. Bring people on your journey.

Figma makes the design process transparent, which means everyone gets aligned fast—and stays aligned.

  • Edit together in real-time: Co-design alongside your co-workers. Run global design critiques.
  • Follow along with Observation Mode: Shadow the presenter’s every move and never get lost.
  • Worry-free version history: See who changed what and go back in time as needed.
Figma really brings together different parts of the team—designers, project managers, product managers, engineers, and others. The amount and quality of feedback is 10X better than before.
Shawn Lan, Head of Design at Zoom

Invite folks into your design process

Enable others to add copy, grab specs, and give you feedback, so you ship better work.

  • Invite the people you want: Figma puts you in the driver seat. Control who can view, add comments, and edit.
  • Share links to files: Send a link to your Figma file. View from anywhere with the Interwebs.
  • Share or embed prototypes: Send a link to your prototype or embed it in your preferred tool.

Design better products with better feedback

Figma helps you get the right feedback, so you can make decisions and move forward, faster.

  • Embedded commenting, clearer feedback: Leave comments directly within the design or prototype.
  • Have a conversation: Reply to questions. @Mention folks to notify. Mark as complete to close the loop.

See how Figma can help you design from start to finish