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Meet other designers in your area, learn how others are using Figma, and share best practices IRL.
Figma Livestream
May 17
11:00am PST
Figma Livestream
Tune in live for another installment of the Figma weekly live stream series.
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Designs systems and Figma at Letgo Barcelona
May 23
Barcelona, Spain
Designs systems and Figma at Letgo Barcelona
Join us for an afternoon of talks, pizza, beer and fun. We will talk about Letgo's design system and how we used Figma to build it.
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Figma Tampa Monthly Meetup
May 28
St. Petersburg, FL
Figma Tampa Monthly Meetup
Topic: Starting a Design System
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Figma Chicago
May 29
Chicago, IL
Figma Chicago
Optimizing for Collaboration in Figma
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FIgma London at Intercom
June 4
London, UK
FIgma London at Intercom
Andrey Sundiev from the Design Systems team at Intercom will share their experience of switching to Figma from Sketch at Intercom
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Figma Denver
June 12
Denver, CO
Figma Denver
This is the inaugural meeting of a quarterly Meetup devoted to all things Figma.
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Figma Local Communities are a place where you can meet other designers in your area, learn how others are using Figma, and share best practices IRL.
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