Josh Dunsterville

Manipulating images in Figma

Now that you have your images inside Figma, you can edit them to your heart's desire. While we don't make any claims of Figma being a photo editing tool, we do provide a way for you to make some quick edits like adjusting exposure or contrast.

By default images are set to fill whatever shape they're in, however we give you complete control over this. If you click on the fill setting in the properties panel you'll see a new window pop up. At the top of this window you'll find a little dropdown that let's you switch between Fill, Fit, Crop, and Tile.


As you can see Fill will expand to the dimensions of the shape it's in.


Fit makes sure that you will always see the full image in your shape. You'll notice that this may cause blank space (padding) around the image.


Crop allows you to resize and move the image around the bounds of the shape.


Well…you get the idea! :)