Brainstorming Tool
Good ideas can come from anywhere

Capture them in Figma — a brainstorming tool that will empower everyone on your team to participate.

Brainstorm without limits

Our unlimited canvas ensures there is no constraint to the quantity of ideas generated and captured.

Browser based

Invite anyone, regardless of their platform, via a single, live URL that works on a Mac, PC, or Linux. No downloads or installs.

Bring in the whole team

Even remote stakeholders can get in on the action by working in the same file at the same time.

Organize your thoughts

Easily categorize and prioritize everyone’s ideas. You can even build on the ideas of others with multiplayer mode.

Move from ideation to execution

Figma lets you capture the output of a brainstorm session and continue to evolve those ideas with your team even after the meeting ends. Keep pushing your ideas forward and keep everything in on place.

Getting started is easy

Using Figma is simple and does not require any design experience to use. With an intuitive interface you can be up and running in minutes.

Empowering innovative brands

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