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Diagramming templates

Organize your thoughts and turn ideas into action with this collection of free diagramming templates.

Figma diagramming templatesFigma diagramming templates
Organization chart template

Map out every role and plan for new hires with this org chart template.

Quick reference guide template

Create an org-wide cheat sheet.

Network diagram template

Map out the way people and devices connect with a network diagram template.

Pie chart maker

View which parts make up the biggest piece of the pie.

Family tree template

Dig into your genealogy with this detailed family tree diagram for FigJam.

Interactive periodic table template

Know your Ni from your Xe with this color-coded, editable periodic table.

Class diagram for ATM

Design efficient banking systems.

Interview cheat sheet template

Prepare for any interview and head confidently toward new opportunities.

Vision board template

Collect inspiration for all of your big ideas with a digital vision board.

Venn diagram template

Take comparisons to new levels by recording similarities and differences.

Sandwich chart template

Cook up great content with this diagram for business and creative writing.

Bar graph maker

Visualize and share key statistics with ease.

Bracket planner

Narrow down potential KPIs through single elimination.

Website wireframe template

Create your website wireframes right in FigJam with this simple template.

Online calendar planner

Schedule your tasks, big or small, to stay on target.

Sequence diagram example

Design highly efficient processes with the help of a sequence diagram.

Marketing mix template

Make sure your next launch hits all the right marketing targets.

Phone tree template

Build a network of branching information.

Supply and demand graph template

Take stock of your supply, and how much you can demand for it.

Infographic template

Give your data a fresh new look with colorful, shareable infographics.

C4 model template

Build out a hierarchical model of a system to see how (and if!) it'll work.

REAN model template

Reach, engage, activate, and nurture your users like never before.

Outcome mapping template

Visualize the potential paths you might take to your end goal.

Context diagram system template

Take a broader look at systems and processes with this context diagram.

Brand guidelines template

Build out a source of truth to guide your brand's existence from A to Z.

Heat map template

Get a feel for team ideas that are on fire with this colorful template.

Simple project plan template

Flesh out the project's roadmap, now that you have your team lined up.

Interview cheat sheet template

Prepare for any interview and head confidently toward new opportunities.

Euler diagram template

Analyze the interaction between sets of information.

Website flowchart template

Lay out the traffic patterns of your website ahead of time.

Taxonomy chart maker

Rank flora, fauna, and facts in the right hierarchy with a taxonomy chart.

Journaling template

Provide meeting attendees with a structured journal for their thoughts.

Photosynthesis concept map template

Use diagrams to make more sense of scientific concepts like photosynthesis.

Succession planning template

Plan the evolution of your company in advance with org charts that evolve.

Self assessment template

Get to know yourself a little better by reflecting with this assessment.

Frayer model template

Make sense of complicated topics, big or small, with a colorful template.

Product comparison template

See how your products stack up against each other—or competitors.

Kinship diagram template

Dive deeper into relationships with a familial flowchart.

Professional development feedback template

Inspire change on an individual level and help your team members grow.

Timeline template

Get your team aligned on vision and process with a collaborataive timeline.

BPMN diagram template

Make it easy to see how process flow between departments at your company.

What's on your radar template

Strategize seamlessly and make your mark with the help of a radar chart.

Content modelling template

Decide how and when to use (or resuse!) your content for great performance.

Project organization chart template

Play to the strengths of your project team when you split responsibilities accordingly.

Gantt chart template

Plan schedules and projects efficiently.

SIPOC diagram

Outline every process from start to finish.

Yearly calendar template

Make a detailed plan to crush the next year.

Change control process template

Embrace change and plan your new actions clearly in a collaborative space.

To do list template

Create to do lists and assign tasks all in one place with this template.

PPC graph template

Make every aspect of your future production clear and simple to understand.

Cynefin framework template

Turn chaos into control with a helpful cynefin framework diagram for teams.

Balance wheel template

Align experiences and efforts in every area of your life with one wheel.

Dichotomous key template

Use this dichotomous key to help you correctly classify and identify data.

Entity relationship diagram template

Visualize relationships across your systems and teams with this diagram.

Causal loop diagram template

Make a map of your organization's essential connections.

SMART goal planning template

Easily plan out SMART goals for personal projects and team endeavors alike.

Portfolio template

Showcase your product designs and build your brand's image.

Decision tree template

Evaluate your team's best course of action with a decision tree template.

Geographic organization structure template

Create a location-based org chart for distributed or international teams.

Pedigree chart template

Look at generations past with a genetic family history map.

Territory map template

Get familiar with your sales territory using this interactive template.

Hiring process flowchart template

Keep candidates organized with this Kanban-inspired hiring process chart.

Functional decomposition diagram template

Create and organize hierarchies with a functional decomposition diagram.

Vertical timeline template

Discover top to bottom productivity.

Sentence generator template

Make sentences clear with a colorful diagram for students and teachers.

Kudos cards template

Send a thank you (and a smile!) with personalized notes for colleagues.

Customer journey map template

Sketch out your UX and discover new channels for reaching great customers.

Social network diagram template

Figure out—and visualize—important connections in your network or audience.

Marketing funnel diagram template

Map out the overall customer journey before improving each step.

Plan do check act template

Accelerate change and boost performance with this PDCA template for FigJam.

Bubble map template

Let all of your dreams and ideas bubble to the surface.

Quad chart template

Share your creative vision with your top talent.

Concept map template

Explain key concepts in a visual format.

Time blocking calendar template

Plan your day for max productivity with the simple time blocking method.

Clock time zone template

Keep your organization ticking.

Storyboard writing template

Build strong customer relationships with a compelling, unique brand story.

Tech stack mapping diagram

Showcase the efficiency of your tech stack and plan new improvements.

STAR technique template

Evaluate situations, actions, tasks, and results with this STAR diagram.

Study guide template

See greater success in your studies with this free study guide template.

Azure architecture diagram template

Bring seamless cloud computing in reach with an Azure architecture plan.

Bull's eye diagram template

Organize project priorities with a colorful bullseye diagram for FigJam.

Research paper outline

Prep the perfect paper and make the grade with this easy-to-use template.

Flowchart maker

Share ideas, diagrams, and processes with your team in realtime.

UML diagram template

Develop complex systems and applications with the help of a UML diagram.

Employee journey map template

See the changes in your org chart over time with a detailed journey map.

PEST diagram template

Visualize big-picture plans and analyze your market with a PEST diagram.

Value stream map template

Eliminate waste and improve output with an organized value stream map.

Work anniversary celebration template

Send your coworkers a virtual heartfelt message thanking them for their dedication.

Cross functional flowchart template

Create a start-to-finish visual that keeps the right people looped in.

Writing template

Write anything well by planning and organizing your best ideas in advance.

Weekly schedule planning template

Build your ideal schedule or block time easily.

Plot structure diagram

Prep a perfect pitch or write a great novel with a versatile diagram.

Service blueprint template

Map out customer and team interactions with a service blueprint diagram.

Culture design process template

Share the company culture with new trainees and transfers.

9 box talent matrix template

Find metrics and projects matching the skillsets of your team.

Event planning template

Throw the perfect party for your next product promotion, launch, or fête.

Argument mapping template

Win your next debate with colorful, collaborative advance planning.

Spaghetti diagram template

Turn a pile of twisty connections into clarity with a spaghetti diagram.

Course curriculum planning template

Easily plan out your curriculum to connect with students at all levels.

Essay planning template

Create great content with a planning template for essays, blogs, and more.

Impact effort matrix

Get aligned with your team on what tasks have the most effort and impact.

ER diagram template

Plot the relationships between multiple entities by using an ER diagram.

Dependency diagram template

Build your most efficient workflow yet with a simple dependency diagram.

Congratulations certificate template

Give anyone (or everyone!) a pat on the back with fun, custom certificates.

Schematic diagram template

Map out connections between people or produts with a schematic diagram.

Virtual invitation template

Lay out the digital welcome map.

Opportunity solution tree template

Visually breakdown your desired outcome.

Google Cloud diagrams

Create beautifully designed Google Cloud architecture diagrams

Microsoft Azure template

Designs to help you implement your cloud solutions on Microsoft Azure

Influence diagram template

Switch gears from argument-crafting to decision-making.

Budget planning template

Account for all the dollars and cents.

Programming flowchart template

Visualize the way app and website actions progress with a code flowchart.

Ikigai diagram template

Discover your purpose with this philosophical Japanese model.

DFD level 2 template

Go deeper into your information analysis with a level 2 data flow diagram.

Data flow diagram template

Track the flow of information in your systems with a data flow diagram.

Swimlanes diagram template

Enable everyone on a team to find their lane & stay the course for success.

DFD level 1 template

Visualize input/output relationships with a level 1 data flow diagram.

Goal tracking template

Come up with the objectives to crush the next quarter.

5 whys brainstorming template

Figure out the root cause of any problem with a simple "5 whys" template.

Sitemap generator

Plan out your website architecture, content and users flows

Certificate template

Show students or team members that you see their progress.

Sales funnel template

Figure out how to turn strangers into loyal customers for your company.

Kubernetes diagram template

Deploy open-source system architecture smoothly with a K8s template plan.

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