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Illuminate your work day and increase productivity with kanban boards complete with FigJam’s color-coded sticky notes, action plans, and process maps.

kanban board with three columns kanban board with three columns

Kanban board example

Get your team on board with our kanban board template and stay on track with day-to-day tasks, long-term projects, and design process flows.

Stick the landing—and your next project

Make your project work a perfect ten with a drag-and-drop task board that propels you toward success—together.

Think inside the box: With colored sticky notes, you don’t have to think outside the box to get creative—you can visualize team and individual tasks through a new lens.

Get a hold of the right end of the stick: Identify to-dos and already-dones to track progress and deliver medal-worthy work.

Set the building blocks: Discover solutions and opportunities for improvement when everything—and everyone—is on board.

three columns representing different stages of a projectthree columns representing different stages of a project
in progress stage of a Kanban boardin progress stage of a Kanban board

Stick together

Collaborate effortlessly with interactive tools that streamline your day, week, and maybe even your year. Work together on game plans and enhance team agendas with widgets that encourage participation across the board. With FigJam, you don’t have to let a good idea pass you by—add it to the drawing board instead.

Stick to the plan

Collaborate to manage daily workflows, from the first thought to the final product. With our Community templates, a connected project team is only a click away.


A Kanban board is a digital project management tool that effectively organizes tasks and streamlines project flow. They’re designed for the visual learners (and doers) in mind—helping team members visualize the work ahead.

Some Kanban boards use columns, others cards. On FigJam’s free Kanban board examples, you can use color-coded sticky notes, tags, and labeled columns to organize projects in various stages of production and separate the have-dones from the have-nots.

To create an effective Kanban board your whole team can follow, take advantage of this tool’s hallmark element: the column. A well-organized and clearly labeled Kanban approach provides your team with the support they need to understand and complete a project.

On our Kanban project management board, you can organize team and individual duties by their status—place all on-hold, in-progress, in-review, and completed assignments in their relevant columns.

When crafting your Kanban board online, optimize for interactivity and collaboration. A community sticky board can only go so far if your community doesn’t know how to use it. It’s never a bad idea to build some Kanban board orientation time into your team meeting agenda. That said, FigJam’s Kanban workflow is intuitive, enjoyable, and easy to learn—so you can start working together the right way, right away.

Other best practices include logging projects and due dates immediately, keeping columns clean and clear, and assigning projects to different team members to encourage accountability.

It’s also beneficial to set a limit on how many different types of work-in-progress projects are happening at one time. By limiting the number of ongoing assignments, your team can meet delivery deadlines with ease. It’s all about getting into that workflow flow, ya know?

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