Stay responsible, accountable, consulted, and informed with a RACI matrix template

When your idea leads to an actionable plan, FigJam’s free RACI chart template can clarify everyone’s role in bringing the vision to life.

four boxes in different colors laid out in a playful wayfour boxes in different colors laid out in a playful way

RACI matrix template

Keep the whole project team accountable on each specific task with our free RACI matrix template.

Too many cooks in the kitchen? No such thing

With our responsibility assignment matrix template, you’ll know exactly who’s in charge of what—no matter how many collaborators are on board.

Combat confusion: Whether you’re working on a complex project, slideshow or a sprint, say goodbye to the question, “was I supposed to do that?” once and for all.

Simplify transitions and hand-offs: Add new team members to a project without original stakeholders falling out of the loop.

Prioritize time and resources: Keep track of who needs to be on the call—and who gets a BCC on the follow-up email.

raci matrix chartraci matrix chart
raci matrix with FigJams collaboration toolsraci matrix with FigJams collaboration tools

Keep the “strategic” in your strategic planning

You and your team need a way to quickly—and quietly—determine who’s on deck. On FigJam’s shared canvas, you can coordinate in real-time on your RACI diagram with stamps, emotes, high-fives, polls, and more.

Bring organization to your org

With the right tools, problem-free project planning is a click away. For more productivity-focused templates and ideas, head over to our Community.


RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed. To put it simply, a RACI matrix is like a multi-person to-do list with a built-in hierarchy that easily helps track the project progress. RACI charts help teams of all sizes determine who’s (r)esponsible, who’s (a)ccountable, who needs to be (c)onsulted, and who should be (i)nformed.

Organizing projects and teams by the four letters of a RACI chart makes it easy to allocate tasks, step up with support, and understand everyone’s priorities.

The RACI matrix rules are simple: each task in a project plan is lined up along the y-axis, while each involved team member is positioned along the x-axis. For every task, each person receives a designation that explains their job roles and level of involvement.

For example, let’s say the web development team is rolling out a new front-end interface. You might mark the UI designer as “responsible,” the content writer as “consulted,” and the CEO as “informed.” Anytime you’re unsure about next steps for a particular task, you can look back at the RACI chart and ping the responsible person for each step.

All you need to create a RACI matrix for a project is a grid of names and tasks. You could draw one out on a whiteboard, build a spreadsheet, or tack post-it notes to the water cooler.

But the easiest way to build a RACI matrix is through a free, pre-existing template from FigJam. Clearly determine roles and responsibilities, and use the template to assign out different deliverables. Keep the project progress moving by checking in on team members for the specific task they're responsible for. With drag-and-drop shapes, consistent branding capabilities, and a library of Community-built tools, collaboration has never been better.

The RACI matrix is a widely-used project management tool that helps teams clarify job roles and responsibilities. Use our chart template to help visualize each stakeholder's role, and ensure that all tasks have been assigned to the correct lead.

While project managers will typically take the lead on creating the matrix template, make sure to involve key stakeholders within the chart creation process. Involving your team early helps establish ownership of different tasks, which can help reduce confusion and increase efficiencies for a complex project.

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