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Templates for Strategy

Build a holistic business strategy for your users, and share it with your team for free with these curated strategy templates.

Figma business strategy templatesFigma business strategy templates
Ideation planning template

Visualize your next project idea with a brainstorming session.

BCG matrix strategy template

Try a top consulting firm's process on for size when your team strategizes.

Force field analysis template

Figure out the best ways to enact change at work or in your community.

Kano model template

Decide on your next feature by weighing satisfaction and functionality.

Perceptual map

Get a better grasp of how your brand fits in a market with perceptual maps.

Agile roadmap template

Keep your Agile teams moving in sync with a customizable roadmap template.

Agile quarterly planning template

Establish a solid roadmap for the upcoming quarter.

Pyramid template

Rearrange ideas and relationships to create a helpful hierarchy.

Business model canvas template

Document and develop business models with this canvas diagram for FigJam.

Problem statement template

Develop results for any roadblock with this problem statement diagram.

ROI analysis template

Improve your ROI by planning the resources & benefits of each investment.

Milestone chart template

Get everyone on the right track with actionable, achievable milestones.

Value proposition canvas template

Make customers want to buy what you're selling by nailing your value prop.

Competitor analysis template

Retain your competitive edge with this free competitor analysis template.

Product development canvas

Plan personas, strategy, and product details in a collaborative space.

SWOT analysis template

Evaluate your company as related to potential opportunities and challenges.

Bang for buck template

Turn your pros and cons list into a graph to compare strategies at a glance.

Euler diagram template

Analyze the interaction between sets of information.

Pie chart maker

View which parts make up the biggest piece of the pie.

Taxonomy chart maker

Rank flora, fauna, and facts in the right hierarchy with a taxonomy chart.

Four actions framework template

Build your strategy in logical steps that make sense for the whole team.

Lean startup canvas template

Get buy-in on biz ideas with a startup canvas that makes everything clear.

Executive summary template

Use your summarizing skills to create a high-level project overview.

Feature planning template

Create a clear process for your next feature design after weighing the costs and benefits.

Pugh matrix template

Evaluate top solutions side by side in the planning stage.

Target audience planning template

Identify your main consumers for an infallible business strategy.

Starbursting template

Shoot for the stars and succeed by digging into your team's greatest ideas.

Ladder of abstraction template

Ensure every big-picture investment decision lines up with concrete problems and solutions.

Ansoff matrix template

Find new growth strategies by combining new and existing markets and products.

Go to market strategy template

Break down every element of your launch strategy.

Kotters 8 step change model template

Take decisive action in just 8 steps with this diagram for the whole team.

Strategic planning template

Develop a path for growth with the help of this strategic plan template.

Gap analysis chart template

Make sure your plans and strategies are solid with a gap analysis diagram.

Elevator pitch template

Impress everyone with your business ideas delivered in a concise format.

X matrix planning template

Strategize to plan out goals and priorities with this essential diagram.

Jobs to be done template

Nail down the right next step.

Social network diagram template

Figure out—and visualize—important connections in your network or audience.

Marketing funnel diagram template

Map out the overall customer journey before improving each step.

Porter's 5 forces template

Combine an understanding of user needs with other market forces.

Technical roadmap template

Plot your course in exact detail.

Future headlines planning template

Unpack your goals and daydream up headlines with this strategic chart.

Stakeholder onion diagram template

Keep track of important stakeholders and ensure everyone stays in the loop.

Strategy diamond template

Cover your bases with this comprehensive strategic model.

Value chain analysis template

Find the value in every link of your product chain.

Bull's eye diagram template

Organize project priorities with a colorful bullseye diagram for FigJam.

Lean canvas template

Break down your business model and streamline operations with a lean canvas.

Pairwise comparison analysis template

Methodically compare potential action steps.

Customer journey map template

Visualize how your customers experience your product, from point A to point B.

Stakeholder analysis template

Identify and prioritize your key stakeholders (so everyone's satisfied).

Context map canvas

Visualize outside forces that influence your project with this handy map.

Spider diagram maker template

Untangle sticky situations with this webbed infographic.

PEST diagram template

Visualize big-picture plans and analyze your market with a PEST diagram.

Vision mission strategy pyramid template

Get teams aligned on a mission, vision, and strategy for business success.

Value stream map template

Eliminate waste and improve output with an organized value stream map.

Cross functional flowchart template

Create a start-to-finish visual that keeps the right people looped in.

Feature market template

Take a competitive edge by finding your market fit.

Service blueprint template

Map out customer and team interactions with a service blueprint diagram.

3x3 template

Use the McKinsey methodology to balance effort and impact when planning.

Brand sprint template

Explore your brand values, customers, goals, and roadmap all in one place.

Cost benefit analysis template

Analyze the value and investment at every level of problem-solving.

OKR planning template

Hammer out the objectives and key results for your upcoming undertaking.

Opportunity solution tree template

Visually breakdown your desired outcome.

Influence diagram template

Switch gears from argument-crafting to decision-making.

A3 template

Find grade-A solutions to any size problem with this collaborative doc.

KPI dashboard template

Make your team's KPI planning actionable and accountable with a shared doc.

Product launch planning template

Craft a clear and polished product launch announcement using our guiding template.

Balanced scorecard example

Get value out of your past experiences with a balanced scorecard diagram.

QBR template

Review progress and plan goals by copying our quarterly review template.

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