Dogs of Figma

Named one of the most dog-friendly companies of 2021 by, Figma welcomes pups of all shapes and sizes. Whether working remotely or in one of our dog-friendly hubs around the world, these floofs are a big part of our unique culture.

Wind blowing the fur and ears on a long-haired dog on the beachWind blowing the fur and ears on a long-haired dog on the beach

A believer in the importance of open design and a good nap, Zoey was Dylan’s right hand woman during Figma’s founding. She sadly passed away last year and this page is dedicated to her loving memory.


The goodest boy, Iko is a California #FFDF00 Retriever. Like most California boys, you can find him surfing (the web) or eating In ‘n’ Out.


Yuna splits her time between the Growth and Product Education teams. When she's not translating our help docs into 日本語, she's responsible for KPIs like naps taken per day.


Look at Whiskey! He's a goldendood. Skateboards put him in a bad mood, but scratchies and snackles and snoozies and snugs are his most favorite things and will win you hugs!


Bubs is full of rambunctious energy, you’ll never guess her age and she won’t tell you either of course. When she’s not in meetings (with other doggos) or busy making multiplayer cursors look fluffier, she loves to say hi and chase after anything that squeaks.


The original Figma office dog. Pepper helps prioritize features as part of the Product Team and barks in appreciation every time a long-standing feature request is shipped.


Oh, my, lord - Murphie a low rider. Figma’s resident Corgi, Murphie has an East Bay booty with an SF sense of style.


The inspiration behind Kanye’s album “the life of Pablo”, you could say ZenPablo is kind of a big deal. When he’s not rapping, Zen is helping Figma’s growth team ship.

Mr Pickle

“Here for the party, and for the pickles. But mainly the party.” Mr. Pickle helps run our HR team and makes sure everyday is a party @ Figma HQ.


Thea hails all the way from Taiwan. When she’s not watching the Duke Blue Devils, Thea keeps the Prototyping Engineering team in check. She’s also known to give the best high five’s.


Crumb is an energetic Australian Shepherd-Poodle mix (Aussiedoodle) who loves “helping” his dads in the kitchen. At Figma he can be found constantly reminding all the other dogs that correlation does not imply causation.

Puff & Butters

When Puff isn’t growing his hair, he is hanging out with Butters, where they both help Figma grow their userbase. They’re both fluent in Cantonese and kibbles and bits.


Kona is a German shepherd/husky mix from Toronto. When she's not helping accounting in Excel, she can be found eating at Tim Hortons or watching the Raptors.


While her frown may never turn upside down, Betty deep down is a little clown. Lover of butt scratches and treats galore, she'll make you smile forevermore.


All requests must go through my assistant.

Leashed dog on the beach with the Golden Gate bridge in the backgroundLeashed dog on the beach with the Golden Gate bridge in the background

Meet Ollie. A Texas man turned Californian adventurer. Ollie enjoys long hikes and longer cuddle sessions. Ollie prefers to exist within 1 inch of his human at all times.


Bow wow fellow Figmutts! I'm Yuki the three-year old, hella hypoallergenic havanese. I love to hang with humans. Look forward to sniffin' about the office.


A natural herder, Ellie loves how Figma brings teams together. When she’s not assisting with a demo, Ellie can be found chasing tennis balls or snacking on peanut butter.


Hiro is really good at Interfaces and licking faces. He loves to help out, and can often be found leaving pawsitive comments while doing code reviews.


Originally hailing from the rainy city of Seattle, you can find Misha raising the “woof” over on the infrastructure team. Offline, she loves walks on the beach and toys stuffed with treats.

Cute puppy in a backpack on a person’s backCute puppy in a backpack on a person’s back

Archie is a golden boy who loves all food. When not distracting Mom from her spreadsheets, he is searching for food or playing with cat toys.


I’m an only child and I know it. I’m constantly spoiled with toys, playtime, and take up way more of my parents bed than I should. More a Merlot kinda guy.


Originally from Korea, Frank brings a global (and wrinkly) perspective to the product team. When he’s not begging for snacks and belly rubs, you can find him snoring through important meetings all over Figma


Attention—though he might not have much himself, he’ll do anything for yours and some playtime!

Benny & Grizzly

Benny and Grizzly are Ohio dogs living it up in the East Bay sunshine. They enjoy treats, scratches, and screaming at each other.


Rescued from the streets of Stockton, CA, Sammy prefers the remote work life. He's a master snuggler, snack connoisseur, and loves trips to Tahoe and LA.


Her name is Shady but she’s as sweet as can be! When she’s not dancing for treats, she takes her name seriously as her mom’s little shadow.


Desert dog, sous chef, and member of Figma's Support Team. Knives specializes in QA, namely testing spaghetti, bacon and anything in a crinkly bag


Old-man Caleb supports Figma users on the daily, by napping under foot as his mum replies to product support questions. He loves to tour the neighborhood and check where he stands on the local pupper leaderboard.


Remus loves playing fetch and chasing dogs. He is a Goldendoodle puppy, and hopes to join as office dog when he's old and responsible.

English bulldog on a beachEnglish bulldog on a beach

Tipi's name originates from a famous jazz bar in New Orleans called Tipitina's. She enjoys snacking on apples, chasing tennis balls, and laying in sun patches. She hates walks.


Ramona is an 8-year-old rescue from Pittsburgh, PA. She loves getting on the couch as soon as her family leaves the house, and her favorite toy is an old pizza box

Emily, Nova, & Charlotte

This squishy-face crew is all about customer satisfaction: 12/10, very happy to give you attention. Don’t think about adjusting your Zoom settings – those mic-hogging snores are definitely from under the desk.


Izzy is a young sweet goofy anxious Formosan Mountain Dog. She’s not the best designer, but she’ll happily offer spicy critiques of your work (especially if it’s not made of chicken or turkey).


This Australian Cattle Dog is the most stick and cardboard obsessed boi in all the land. When he isn’t at the dog park, he can be found maintaining the marketing site.


When Bruce isn’t working on Figma email campaigns, you can find him playing with his ball. Ball is life.


A laid back golden retriever, Minnie is all about hugs, napping, snacking, and playing the occasional game of fetch with her favorite stuffies.


Meet Tucker, a San Francisco native who loves to play all day with his little brother Stew. He also has a keen interest in listening to his dad talk about Figma on video calls.


Also known as Stew, this little guy is Tucker’s new little bro. His favorite thing to do is to lay on the back patio and catch some rays.

Mocha, Marshal, & Sam

Meet the M&M(S) crew, the guardians of all the Figmates’ laptops & snacks. If there’s a package, they’ll know. These pups only want 32 gigaBYTES.


Sweet looking, but don’t let the packaging fool you: Patch is ready to fiercely lick anyone who doesn’t use Figma, until they give in. He aids software development by providing cuddles.


Your typical IT dog, quiet and introverted. Approves all IT orders, occasionally gets in trouble with Finance for ordering too many treats.


The chattiest recruiter there ever was, Murphy is always trying to sell the Figma dream. Thinks people understand him... 10/10 for effort.


Big dog energy in a compact 6lb. package. Ori helps Figma think through its most pressing issues, particularly which toy will squeak the loudest during every meeting.


Drop it? Who is she. Luna is a smol, sweet, sassy black lab who’s never met a snack she didn’t like. She prefers a satin pillowcase, which she generously shares with her humans.


Birdie is a big fan of Figma’s remote work option. When she’s not launching new features, she’s launching herself onto the couch. Naps for days.

Winnie Belle

Winnie is a big fan of peanut butter and cuddles. She loves sneaking into customer calls, and is currently debating whether she loves Figma or tennis balls more.


Silsby wins every M&A negotiation with his killer puppy eyes. When he's not sourcing deals at the dog park, he's strategizing about Figma-branded dog treats and software-enabled belly rubs.


Ralph spends most of his days playing at the dog park or dreaming about cheddar cheese. He also likes parmigiano reggiano, mozzarella and...actually all types of cheese. He wants our mobile app to include a cheese delivery feature.


Ube’s world is one giant kissing booth! She holds regular office hours for anyone who would like to attend, and appreciates sticks or belly rubs along with praise.


Harley could be considered half pig, half dog. She snores all day in bed and sneaks food off of her human’s plates. The laziest, sweetest butterball!


Bear is a big and dopey English Lab. He’s a great under-the-desk companion and very determined... when it comes to eating! In fact, he once swallowed a whole tennis ball.


Proof that blondes have more fun.


Gracie was recruited from the Manhattan ACC in 2019 and has been napping it up in Brooklyn ever since. She is 75% Staffy and 25% American bulldog, and she spends 75% of her time sleeping and 25% getting her belly rubbed.


Pickle is a mini-Aussie and cousins of Marissa’s pup, Winnie! His grandparents got us a professional portrait of him for Christmas, so here’s his best “blue steel”. (Here’s the site if anyone’s looking for a good gift!)


A Standard Poodle who isn’t shy to share his opinions. Winston barely barks, but boops, snorts, grunts, and meeps aplenty to let his preferences be known. A connoisseur of the comfiest spots and the best ways to score food off the table.

South Paw

Southie enjoys being the fastest dog on three legs, interrupting Zoom calls when the mail is delivered, and eating anything and everything that her small humans drop on the ground.


Chloe enjoys chasing brooms, munching on library books and tummy rubs. At Figma she provides feedback on customer calls with a few well chosen yaps and brief video appearances.


Vera is the security team’s certified supermutt. Her contributions include interrupting meetings with urgent alert and quietly barking at potential threats out the window (a.k.a. pedestrians).


Weighing in at a whopping 11lbs, Sprig is the tiniest, bounciest little thing with giant tortilla chip ears. She loves car rides, apples, and snoozin' in the sun. Dislikes include evasive squirrels and being away from her humans.


Weighing in at 10lbs, the Pacific Northwest’s #1 good girl, half dog/half lizard... Winifred AKA Winnie. In her words: “I like to help my dad sometimes but sometimes I prefer to sunbathe outside.”


A 12-year old Sheltie whose goal is to one day become CNO (chief napping officer). In the meantime, he’s working hard running experiments with peanut butter.


Rhino is a 4-year old Pittie mix who is a big, lovable, baby. Likes: human beds, tearing apart “indestructible toys”, and strawberries. Dislikes: personal space, rain, and not getting strawberries.


The fastest runner you’ve seen. Besides being fast, Pepito is loyal and caring. He is really one of a kind. He loves meeting friends at the park, driving around, and napping. He attends random meetings as he pleases and interrupts serious conversation unintentionally.

Louie & Milo

Louie & Milo are both miniature Australian Shepherds livin it up in Socal. Oftentimes you can catch them at the park making friends, practicing agility for competition, at Starbucks enjoying puppuccinos, or taking long strolls on the beach.


The fluffiest boy there ever was, Archie, is an Oregon Native living his best life in California. He loves long walks on the beach, extra belly rubs and following his human everywhere they go.


Meet Sequoia, the friendliest dog in town — he showers every person and their dog with love and cuddles. This red merle Aussie helps manage all the #A45A52 branches on the branching team.


Pimang, “bell pepper” in Korean, is a couch potato on growth team. When she’s not napping, she helps users fall in love with Figma by showing her belly.


Toast is a 7-year old Pembroke Welsh corgi who enjoys vacuum cleaning the floors, family car rides, and his best friend Lamb Chop (“Lamby”). He always loves to be the center of attention, and hopes to say hi to everyone in person someday!


Juicy is a Chihuahua who loves belly rubs, chicken, and following her humans around. She’s not the most technical, but she’s learning bit by bit.


Hennessy started as a foster dog from Tennessee and quickly decided she was home in Brooklyn. She loves humans, snacks, naps and kisses and hates personal space. Fosters other wayward pups at @sofiasfosterpups with her cat sister.


Pogi is a curious and mischevious pug. He loves long naps in the sunshine, tasty treats, and cuddles on the couch. Follow him @itspogithepug on Instagram.


We picked Albus up in Idaho. He’s a leading lobbyist for the outdoors, always somehow being right beside you, and expert at smuggling small rocks, sticks, and socks to tuck away and store near his bed. Certified good boy™️.

Pumbaa, Jasper, & River

These three troublemakers help the FigJam team to—wait, did someone say JAM?!?!?!


3-year-old Coonhound mix living in NYC; Kentucky transplant; mom of 7. Likes bully sticks, the bathtub, and squirrel chasing. Dislikes thunder storms, sidewalk grates, and cucumbers. Nicknames include The Bean, Stinky Butt, and Freckeroccini. Follow her at @thisisfreckles to keep up with her wiggly shenanigans.


Miso is a 5-year mutt from Puerto Rico. She spent most of her puppyhood in New York, but now enjoys the California sunshine (though she definitely misses snow in the winter). Her hobbies include begging for food and napping in the sun with her belly up.


Sabrina is a 3.5 year old rambunctious Husky-Samoyed-GSD mix who was adopted from the SFSPCA. She’s never met a critter she couldn’t wait to chase and loves humans and other dogs alike. Her other loves include running, howling at sirens and string cheese. She hears everything but only listens to about 10% (on a good day)!


Duffy is a 12 year old Mini Schnauzer / Yorkshire Terrier Mix. He is an introvert who spends most of his days napping. He loves his paw-rents, long walks, and finding the quietest places in the house to sleep.


Pretzel is a chocolate Lab who loves peanut butter, barking at birds, watching cars go fast on television, and eating garbage on the street. She is eager to visit the Figma office once she can sit still in public.


Coco is a ~12 year old rescue from San Luis Obispo. We believe he’s a blue heeler and corgi mix, because of his short legs. He’s super affectionate with people but hates other dogs. Other interests: stealing food, sunbathing, accepting belly rubs.


Southern weenie in the big city alert! Lulu was rescued from Alabama and now resides in The Big Apple. Some of her many nicknames are Lil’ Mama, Piggy Belly, Stinky Bub, and Baby Gremlin. Loves: food, burrowing under blankets, licking her paws. Hates: fireworks, plastic bags, baths.


Cairo’s a pitbull mix that made the drive from Austin, Tx all the way up to NYC for Summer 2022! He loves to fetch, snack, and lay in the most inconvenient spots on the bed. Cairo’s also a huge extrovert with other dogs (sometimes too much) and loves to play with new pups.


Bodhi is a Samoyed who lives in foggy San Francisco. He loves any food that falls to the ground, and has a soft spot for cats and puppies. He either loves or hates squirrels, he’s not sure, (and hasn’t been able to get close enough to one to figure it out).


Otto (affectionately known as Otto Barks Alotto) is a keen contributor to Figma meetings. Otto's likes include long walks on the beach, fro-yo and shoelaces. His dislikes include baths, hair brushes and shadows