Dogs of Figma

Named one of the most dog friendly companies of 2019 by, Figma’s dog friendly office environment is a big part of our unique culture.


A believer in the importance of open design and a good nap, Zoey was Dylan’s right hand woman during Figma’s founding. She sadly passed away last year and this page is dedicated to her loving memory.


The goodest boy, Iko is a California #FFDF00 Retriever. Like most California boys, you can find him surfing (the web) or eating In ‘n’ Out.


Yuna splits her time between the Growth and Product Education teams. When she's not translating our help docs into 日本語, she's responsible for KPIs like naps taken per day.


Look at Whiskey! He's a goldendood. Skateboards put him in a bad mood, but scratchies and snackles and snoozies and snugs are his most favorite things and will win you hugs!


The sporadic Bubs. Other than traveling the world, you can catch Bubs saying hello to everyone in the Figma’s offices.


The original Figma office dog. Pepper helps prioritize features as part of the Product Team and barks in appreciation every time a long-standing feature request is shipped.


Oh, my, lord - Murphie a low rider. Figma’s resident Corgi, Murphie has an East Bay booty with an SF sense of style.


The inspiration behind Kanye’s album “the life of Pablo”, you could say ZenPablo is kind of a big deal. When he’s not rapping, Zen is helping Figma’s growth team ship.

Mr Pickle

“Here for the party, and for the pickles. But mainly the party.” Mr. Pickle helps run our HR team and makes sure everyday is a party @ Figma HQ.


Thea hails all the way from Taiwan. When she’s not watching the Duke Blue Devils, Thea keeps the Prototyping Engineering team in check. She’s also known to give the best high five’s.


The son of a baker, Crumb is as sweet as they come. When he isn’t making scones, you can usually find him helping out our Data Science team.

Puff & Butters

When Puff isn’t growing his hair, he is hanging out with Butters, where they both help Figma grow their userbase. They’re both fluent in Cantonese and kibbles and bits.


Kona is a German shepherd/husky mix from Toronto. When she's not helping accounting in Excel, she can be found eating at Tim Hortons or watching the Raptors.


While her frown may never turn upside down, Betty deep down is a little clown. Lover of butt scratches and treats galore, she'll make you smile forevermore.


Kaya is a true generalist - happy to assist with anything from security to testing your food (you’re welcome). What she lacks in head size she makes up for with a big heart.


Meet Ollie. A Texas man turned Californian adventurer. Ollie enjoys long hikes and longer cuddle sessions. Ollie prefers to exist within 1 inch of his human at all times.


Bow wow fellow Figmutts! I'm Yuki the three-year old, hella hypoallergenic havanese. I love to hang with humans. Look forward to sniffin' about the office.


A natural herder, Ellie loves how Figma brings teams together. When she’s not assisting with a demo, Ellie can be found chasing tennis balls or snacking on peanut butter.


Hiro is really good at Interfaces and licking faces. He loves to help out, and can often be found leaving pawsitive comments while doing code reviews.


Originally hailing from the rainy city of Seattle, you can find Misha raising the “woof” over on the infrastructure team. Offline, she loves walks on the beach and toys stuffed with treats.


Archie is a golden boy who loves all food. When not distracting Mom from her spreadsheets, he is searching for food or playing with cat toys.


Beacon is an english cream retriever and his name comes from Beacon Cafe in North Beach, where his mom and dad met. His loves includes picking up sticks, chasing tennis balls, and scattering all his toys when his parents don't pay enough attention to him.


Originally from Korea, Frank brings a global (and wrinkly) perspective to the product team. When he’s not begging for snacks and belly rubs, you can find him snoring through important meetings all over Figma


Attention—though he might not have much himself, he’ll do anything for yours and some playtime!

Benny & Grizzly

Benny and Grizzly are Ohio dogs living it up in the East Bay sunshine. They enjoy treats, scratches, and screaming at each other.


Rescued from the streets of Stockton, CA, Sammy prefers the remote work life. He's a master snuggler, snack connoisseur, and loves trips to Tahoe and LA.


Her name is Shady but she’s as sweet as can be! When she’s not dancing for treats, she takes her name seriously as her mom’s little shadow.


Desert dog, sous chef, and member of Figma's Support Team. Knives specializes in QA, namely testing spaghetti, bacon and anything in a crinkly bag


Often asked to mute herself due to the rumble of her snores, Charlotte is the quintessential middle-child. Attention is her love language.


Caleb is an Australian pup living in the Netherlands. Totally committed to snacks, napping and getting skritches whenever possible.


Remus loves playing fetch and chasing dogs. He is a Goldendoodle puppy, and hopes to join as office dog when he's old and responsible.


Tipi's name originates from a famous jazz bar in New Orleans called Tipitina's. She enjoys snacking on apples, chasing tennis balls, and laying in sun patches. She hates walks.


Ramona is an 8-year-old rescue from Pittsburgh, PA. She loves getting on the couch as soon as her family leaves the house, and her favorite toy is an old pizza box