FigJam customer stories

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Design sprints

Running remote, multi-day sprints at Stripe

The Stripe Radar team uses FigJam to facilitate remote design sprints and create a forum for all cross-functional partners to come together and jam.

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Twitter’s cross-functional bug bashes

Learn how Twitter’s bug bash template provides developers with all the details they need to move quickly and efficiently.

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Square’s onboarding serves up more end user empathy

Square for Restaurants custom-built an interactive, self-directed onboarding experience for new teammates that goes beyond traditional new hire meetings.

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Dwell’s creative secret weapon? Swarming.

When anyone on the Dwell team needs to leverage the larger thinking power of everyone at the company, they start a swarm in FigJam.

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Complex user journey mapping with Netflix

When mapping out user journeys, FigJam is a place to work through those early, often messy stages of organizing requirements for a new, complicated project.