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FigJam connects your workflow, Miro breaks it apart

Whiteboards should streamline collaboration, not introduce yet another tool. FigJam brings the teams and tools you use to build products into one place—at a third of the cost of Miro.

Stickies and diagramming in FigJamStickies and diagramming in FigJam

Leading companies that made the switch

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With FigJam, we're able to go beyond the walls of engineering, product, and design when ideating on a feature. It's home to every employee at Front.
Maggie Lamas, Head of Design at Front

All the power of Miro at one third of the price

Easily iterate on the end-to-end user experience without leaving the canvas.

Table comparing FigJam and Miro featuresTable comparing FigJam and Miro features

3 reasons why teams choose FigJam over Miro

A FigJam file labeled "onboarding" with sections and stickies to make a new user experience betterA FigJam file labeled "onboarding" with sections and stickies to make a new user experience better

Connected to the core tools in your product tech stack

FigJam is the only whiteboard connected to Figma, your home base for design.

Plus, FigJam connects to more of the user insights, data visualization, and prototyping tools that product teams rely on, so you can streamline your workflow. Or use our API to build apps of your own that connect to internal tools.

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A FigJam canvas with cursors of teamA FigJam canvas with cursors of team

Easy for anyone to jump in, not just experts

FigJam’s drag-and-drop interface, unlimited free day passes, and fun touches like stickers, emotes, and high fives make whiteboarders of all levels feel welcome.

Sticky notes comparing price of FigJam vs. MiroSticky notes comparing price of FigJam vs. Miro

Transparent pricing that scales company-wide

There are no surprises when it comes to our price: each FigJam editor is $5 per month.

Miro offers short-term discounts, but their list price is still $25 per editor, so you’re left guessing how much you’ll pay at renewal.

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Interface in Miro showing how to export boardInterface in Miro showing how to export board

Moving your files takes minutes

Migrating your Miro files to FigJam is simple with our self-serve import tool—no experts needed. See how easy it can be in our Miro import guide and start planning your move.

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