An online whiteboard for teams to ideate and brainstorm together.

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From concept to design, keep it all in the same place.From concept to design, keep it all in the same place.


Ideate, share, discover. Build and riff on ideas together.

Express yourself and your ideas

Communicate more ideas with sticky notes. Dot vote, stamp, emote, draw, or chat to react with soul.

Sketch ideas and connect the dots

Use markers, shapes, and connecters to organize your thoughts and show how they work together.

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Map user flows, processes, systems, and more.

Ready to flow with shapes and arrows

Document journeys and systems with out-of-the box shapes and connectors that snap to the grid.

So easy, anyone can join a jam session

Easy to learn and intuitive to use, FigJam keeps you and your team flowing and jamming.

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Connected to your designs

FigJam and Figma live side-by-side, so all design work, from ideation to execution, can be found in one place. And, teammates can leverage design libraries in FigJam to create artifacts that are consistent and on-brand.

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All work and play

Express how you feel in the moment

Emote with quick expressions without cluttering your FigJam workspace.

Give ideas your stamp of approval

Use stamps to vote for ideas, share the love, or note where follow-up is needed.

Say something right where you are

Cursor chat gives you a quick way to share thoughts when jamming live.

Make it yours with stickers and assets

Use default library assets or your own components to customize your work.

Get togethers and workshops

Make stand-ups, retros and design crits more engaging.

Make meetings more visual and collaborative

Engage teammates with a visual whiteboard. Build on each other’s thoughts and doodle away!

Easily paste in designs from Figma for crit

Bring Figma frames and assets right into FigJam for better feedback, more ideas, and faster collaboration.

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Research and moodboard

Collect, organize, and synthesize findings.

Spell out your vision with a moodboard

Bring in images and artifacts to create moodboards for your team to react to.

Synthesize and organize user data

Review user feedback and group it by theme or map it along a user journey.

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Templates for Diagramming
Preview of flow chart FigJam templatePreview of flow chart FigJam template

Flow chart

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