Figma Community Awards 2022

Nadia Hussain
Community, Figma

This article was originally published on April 14, when the Figma Community Awards went live, and updated on May 11, after we announced the winners.

Every day, Figma Community members publish over 1,600 resources to help designers and their teams work more openly and efficiently in Figma and FigJam—everything from UI kits, to voting widgets, to plugins that help you create more accessible and inclusive products.

We’re always learning from these contributions. We know that many of you are, too. That’s why we’re excited to announce our first-ever Figma Community Awards, a celebration of the ways that the community imagines, designs, and builds—together. Community members nominated their favorite resources on May 2nd, and today we announced the winners at Config!

Here they are:

Favorite plugin for extending Figma’s utility

Similayer by Dave Williames: A way to select similar layers based on a range of different properties.

Favorite plugin for adding content into Figma

Content Reel, by Eugene Gavriloff and Microsoft: A collection of text strings, images, and icons that you can pull from one palette.

Favorite widget for teams

FigJenda, by PG Gonni: An interactive agenda for your workshop or meeting that you can play through using the FigJam timer.

Favorite widget for utility or fun

Rock Paper Scissors by Alex Einarsson: A classic game and a fun way to decide who goes first.

Favorite team bonding template for FigJam

Remote Design Sprint by Miranda Mazzara, Danila Gallardo, and Aerolab: A template that allows your team to run a five-day sprint without prior experience.

Favorite ideation template for FigJam

Customer Journey Map by Fuad Aslan: A framework for getting to the heart of your customer’s world.

Favorite UI Kit for Figma

Ant Design Open Source by Mr Biscuit and Vinh Bui: The all-inclusive open source design system with breakthrough instance flexibility, usability, and structural simplicity.

Favorite icon set for Figma by Lona and Astrit: 700+ Pure CSS, SVG & Figma UI icons.

Favorite educational resource for Figma

Micro interactions - Prototyping by Rusmir Arnautovic: Small micro interaction samples of what Figma can do.

Favorite graphic resources for Figma

Sketch Elements Brushes Set by Streamline: A set of abstract elements and sketch annotations.


How do the Figma Community Awards work?

Winners are determined by the Figma community (that’s you!), so your participation is critical. If you have a Figma Community profile, you can nominate your favorite resources starting today through April 22 by visiting and clicking the ‘Nominate’ button at the top of any resource.

We’ll tally up all nominations, and on May 2, we’ll announce the finalists across ten Figma Community Award categories. From May 2–10, you’ll get to vote for your favorite resource in each category.

We want to show our love to these creators by recognizing them at Config on May 11. You won’t want to miss this, so make sure you’re registered to attend Config.

What do award winners receive?

We’ll celebrate our winners during our awards ceremony at Config on May 11 at 7:45am PDT. Winners will also receive the first ever Figma Community Awards they can show off on their desktop, plus fun Figma swag!

When does voting begin?

We’ll announce our ten categories and finalists on May 2. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for details and updates along the way.

What should I nominate?

Is there a file that speeds up your workflow? A plugin you can’t live without? How about a widget that makes your meetings so much more fun? If it’s helpful to you and your teams, nominate the resource to show some love to the creator behind it.

How many resources can I nominate?

You can nominate as many files, plugins, and widgets as you’d like between April 14–22, but you can only nominate each resource once.

Can I promote my resource to get nominated?

You can, and we hope that you will. Feel free to share a link to your resource on your social channels and to your network and encourage them to nominate you!

My resource has been nominated! Can I see how many nominations it’s received?

In the spirit of keeping things fair and honest, we're not publicly sharing the number of nominations each resource has received.

What if I haven’t shared a resource to Figma Community yet?

Better late than never, right? If you have something in draft, now’s the time to hit the ‘Publish’ button. Then share your resource and let others know about it!

Want to help spread the word about the Figma Community Awards?

Use the hashtag #FigmaCommunityAwards on Twitter and let the world know who you nominated!