Prototyping Tool
A step ahead of other prototyping tools

Figma is an end-to-end, web-based design and prototyping tool.

All-in-one design and prototyping

Create and present in the same tool, with one single source-of-truth.

Intuitive to use

Create prototypes easily by simply ordering frames on your screen or linking objects with connectors.

Easy to share

Share prototypes with anyone on any device with a single, live URL without ever having to worry if it is the latest version.

Contextual feedback

Comments added to prototypes are captured with the design files, so you always have full context.

Bring your work to life

With out-of-the box features such as device frames and overlays, it is easy to bring your designs to life in prototypes, allowing you to get meaningful feedback.

Rich, clickable prototypes

Whether showing off your work to your team, pitching executives, or testing user interaction, our prototyping tools have you covered.

Hot spots

Turn different objects into ‘hot spots’ to allow deeper user interaction.


Add common transitional animations as you move between frames.


Use components to easily populate navigation throughout the prototype.

Empowering innovative brands

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