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Go with the flow chart template

FigJam’s flow chart templates are the perfect tool for your next brainstorm session. Whether you’re fine-tuning a complex SOP or developing a brand-new process to improve your workflow, our sample flow chart will help your team streamline and realign.

flow chart exampleflow chart example

Flow chart template

Invite your team to join you in your flow as you plot out timelines and processes together.

flow chart template cover photoflow chart template cover photo

More than “if/then”

Map out every possibility—and what to do in every outcome—with a sample flow chart you can follow all the way down.

See it to believe it: Create visual clarity for you and your entire team to increase efficiency and understanding.

Flow freely, communicate quickly: When words fail, visuals prevail. This editable flow chart conveys essential information in an easily digestible format.

Take a top-down look: Properly document your processes and analyze them in their entirety with a big-picture overview.

flow chart with one overarching goal at the topflow chart with one overarching goal at the top
flow chart with FigJams collaboration mouse cursorsflow chart with FigJams collaboration mouse cursors

(Flow) chart the course toward team success

The FigJam flow chart template takes policies and procedures to the next level. Your whole team can contribute to this shared whiteboard using cursor chats, poll responses, stamps, and doodles—because every crew member should have a voice (and a paddle).

The flow chart for flexible teams

When everyone contributes, you can arrive at your destination faster. Once there, flow right into your next task with more templates from our Community.


A flow chart is a visual representation of the steps in a process, whether that’s the desired user trajectory through a website or a series of if/then statements that point to different outcomes. So, what is flow chart diagramming, then? That’s the process of brainstorming, determining, and finally, plotting each of these steps on a creative flow chart template.

Start by downloading FigJam’s template flow chart to use as your blank canvas. Next, agree on the purpose of your flow chart. Are you simplifying a currently complex process, seeking to understand it, or plotting out a new pathway?

With this answer in mind, you’ll use various shapes, arrows, and colors in the flow diagram to either map out your existing process or outline the most important steps of the new system, tweaking the entire trajectory as you work.

Flow chart examples allow teams to visualize, understand, and make necessary improvements to their business process. They provide concrete outlines of what is currently happening or what should happen in the future. Once completed, a process flow chart example can work as a step-by-step guide that your employees follow, an illustration of website pathways to hand off to a developer, and so much more.

What makes a good flow chart? An example of flow chart success would be the simplification of a confusing process or improved understanding within your team.

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