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Record your lightbulb moments with our meeting notes template

Whether you’re planning a quarterly all-hands or daily standup, you can record, refine, and revisit every agenda item on FigJam’s free notes templates.

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Meeting notes template

Easily share your agenda and action items on our free interactive template. 

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Stay on the same page

If your team’s discussions are all over the map, bring perspectives together with our meeting notes template, designed to streamline communication.

Write it out: Keep a shared record of each meeting for clear communication amongst your team.

Look to the future: Create a list of to-dos, highlight important deadlines, and emphasize key points so taking action becomes second nature. 

Gather your insights: Record explanations of projects from various perspectives, situating individual responsibilities in collaborative contexts for deeper understanding.

three rows of sticky notes with FigJam's collaborative toolsthree rows of sticky notes with FigJam's collaborative tools
two whiteboards assigned to two people with various sticky notestwo whiteboards assigned to two people with various sticky notes

Get the juices flowing

Feel stuck comparing apples and oranges? If your team can’t seem to bring together contrasting ideas, FigJam templates can spark creativity and inspire collaboration with fun, interactive features including stamps, emotes, and community-built widgets. Sketch around on shared workspaces until you find that fizz and sparkle.

Before and after has never looked so good

Ensure a smooth discussion with our meeting notes sample. Check out more templates from our Community to perfect the process, from pre-meeting planning to post-meeting action.


Your meeting notes are only useful if every team member can understand and make use of them easily, so begin with their needs. Pay attention to how your team references past notes. Do they require complete accuracy and the recording of every important detail? Or do they treat team notes as a jumping-off point for generating more ideas? These tendencies can clue you in about focusing on the nitty-gritty or looking at the big picture.

Don’t forget to consider how to organize the content of your notes. Common methods include arranging your notes by topic or speaker, or maintaining a chronological account. Whatever your strategy, be prepared for adjustments as your team’s needs evolve. Their purpose will serve as your roadmap on this journey.

Opt for a digital template providing a basic framework for maximum convenience. Using an electronic template helps you jot down more details so your team can clearly reference relevant information from any previous meeting. It’s also important to have a consistent organizational format so your team knows what to expect and where to look. With our editable templates, you can follow an outline as you write or return to your notes later and put them in order.

In deciding how to take effective meeting notes, organizing your files is key. Make collaboration easy by labeling your notes clearly, including tags describing the meeting type, the date, the discussion point, and more. No matter your organizational format, ensure that the notes are easily accessible by the entire team—that way every team member can benefit.

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