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Set off on the right foot with a project kickoff template

Introduce your stakeholders and team members to the next chapter in your organization’s story—including goals, responsibilities, milestones, and more—with a project kickoff presentation template.

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Project kickoff template

Gather your teammates and let them know exactly what deliverables to expect on the road ahead, all in one convenient digital meeting space.

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Stay organized, get connected

A well-planned, and successful project kickoff meeting can help establish an overall tone and work ethic for your next big endeavor. Organize, encourage, and inform your team with a FigJam template for maximum impact.

Align and define: Ensure that your project plan and goals are clearly spelled out and aligned with your organization’s core tenets.

Call roll: Map out the expectations and assignments for each individual on your team.

Build bridges: Efficiently strategize with an interdisciplinary group of collaborators.

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Stop wondering and wandering

Don’t kick off until your team members are all lined up. It’s easy to solicit feedback and suggestions using integrated widgets like stamps and emotes. Plus, plan your next few plays with built-in Timeline and Calendar tools. FigJam makes it easy to cheer each other on, even when you’re in different timezones.

Kickoff is just the beginning

Coordinate your meetings with your entire team in mind. Then play the rest of your game in perfect sync, using templates from the Community to help you score.


A project kickoff meeting is the initial gathering of leaders, team members, and clients or stakeholders involved in a particular endeavor. Everyone in attendance should leave with an understanding of the project as a whole, the goals they’re collectively striving toward, and their individual responsibilities moving forward.

The contents of any given effective kickoff meeting will vary. The needs of individual teams, the end goal, the size of the project—all of these factors will affect what happens in the project kickoff meeting. There are, however, a few things that should always be touched on, no matter the setting:

Introduce your attendees to one another. Even if they’ve met before, an official greeting and intro of their specific role on this project will give everyone a chance to be seen and heard.

Review previous progress on the project.

Clearly define the end goals of your next stretch.

Cover each participant’s responsibilities and assign teams.

Give an overview of your projected timeline.

Answer questions and ensure that communication channels are clear and open.

To this end, a project kickoff meeting agenda template is extremely helpful when you’re launching into a new project.

The best way to plan a project kickoff is by using an editable, adaptable project kickoff presentation template. You can gather with your collaborators, share your thoughts with the group, make easy edits, organize yourselves, and stay that way, all without printing a single page.

With your FigJam template in front of you, the next steps are easy: plan how you’ll present your idea, explain your course of action, execute the steps required, and define success, using insights from every department and key player.

A project kickoff template is pre-designed to help teams get off to the best possible start. Add this template to the kickoff meeting agenda, and come together as a team to define project goals, assign responsibilities, and align on deadlines.

Using a template also helps save time and makes sure that you cover the most important details for a successful project kickoff meeting. Afterwards, easily refer back to this template to track important talking points, questions, or agenda items that may warrant further discussion in an upcoming project meeting.

Every project team member should attend the initial kickoff meeting. Set your project up for success by including designers, project managers, and other key stakeholders that will be involved throughout the process. Make sure that every team member that has an assigned task or action item is also included, as well as any stakeholder involved in the decision-making process.

The kickoff meeting should help provide visibility into upcoming deliverables, project roles, and timelines. Everyone should be on the same page at the start to ensure a successful project overall. Follow up with team members as needed to clarify any questions or concerns.

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