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Make it a meeting to remember, with our team meeting agenda template

When you amp up your agendas with action plans, storyboards, and agile roadmaps, you can make every staff meeting—and every moment—count.

team meeting agenda on clipboardteam meeting agenda on clipboard

Team meeting agenda template

Increase your impact before the meeting even begins with custom meeting agenda templates.

First item on the agenda? A better meeting.

Don’t put your improv skills to the test. Plan out an effective meeting with our team meeting agenda ideas and templates and engage your team with collaborative, community-built features.

Create constructive meetings: Outline every dynamic discussion topic and stay on track with custom agenda templates that communicate the meeting goal.

Align in an instant: Get on the same page with charts, sketches, and lists of pros and cons—then invite feedback from the entire team with collaborative features like chats and polls. 

Shouts outs, celebrations, and more: Build culture (and brag just a big) when you celebrate wins, campaigns, and work anniversaries, together.

team meeting agenda organizationteam meeting agenda organization
online collaboration tools for brainstormingonline collaboration tools for brainstorming

Get your agenda together, so you can get together better

Map user flows, processes, systems, and more.

Team meeting agenda templates that deserve your full attention

Explore our free collection of team meeting agenda examples and templates. Or, get the ball rolling on a more productive meeting with inspiration from FigJam’s Community.


Effective agendas will contain information specific to your updates and meeting goal, but will typically include certain key components. They let your entire team know what will be discussed so they can come prepared with talking points, set expectations as to timeline, action items, and responsibilities, and invite feedback on your approach before you meet.

To create an effective team meeting agenda, start by identifying the purpose of the meeting. Then, brainstorm topics that need to be discussed and prioritize them based on importance.  Ensure any open items from the previous meeting agenda are included. And, if possible, share the agenda with team members ahead of time so that they can prepare beforehand.

With a sample agenda for team meetings and collaborative features, FigJam makes it easier and more intuitive to create a strong game plan—so you can nail the meeting and the next steps.

Creating an agenda for a team meeting is easy and empowering with FigJam—and it’s also free. To begin, use our sample template and start customizing based on your ideas, goals, and meeting objectives. Review action items for the coming week, identify roadblocks, and brainstorm solutions with meeting participants. With our range of community-built widgets and plugins, you can craft comprehensive agendas that communicate your values and vision clearly and invite meaningful collaboration even before you gather.

Detailed meeting agendas clue your team into how they can best show up. Guided by clear action items and discussion topic points, team members can dive into research, share insights instantly, and come prepared with follow-up questions. With informative and engaging agendas, you can build interest, inspire investment, and empower everyone to make an impact on the meeting—instead of standing by on mute or staring down the clock. Are better meetings on your docket? Start crafting an effective meeting agenda with FigJam’s free team meeting agenda templates.

An organized agenda can increase team productivity, communication, and collaboration. Best practices for using this meeting template include:

  • Distribute the agenda in advance to ensure a productive meeting. Confirm relevant team members are prepared to discuss all agenda topics.
  • Designate a lead or facilitator to keep the meeting on track. Ensure all priority discussion topics are addressed, while making sure to start and end the meeting on time.
  • Take meeting notes, align on next steps, and assign action items.

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