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Sketch your way to success (fast) with thumbnail sketch examples

Doodle and noodle around with easy thumbnail sketch examples designed to guide your team’s next visual brainstorming session and inspire boundless creativity.

nine squares in three rows with a yellow pencilnine squares in three rows with a yellow pencil

Thumbnail sketch examples

Sketch out concepts and generate bold new ideas in their simplest visual form with this easy thumbnail sketch template.

Miniature drawings, maximum impact

Energize your brainstorming sessions with a flurry of flash drawings that supercharge your team’s first steps toward creative solutions.

Experiment: Electrify creativity and bring multiple ideas to life within your finished drawing.

Stay mindful: Reduce overthinking and leave your inner critic at the door.

Bulk up: Visually flesh out barebones ideas in a matter of minutes.

doodles on yellow and blue squaresdoodles on yellow and blue squares
speech bubble doodle on a blue squarespeech bubble doodle on a blue square

Sketch inside the box. Think outside of it.

When you draw with the team on FigJam’s open canvas, you can get your ideas down to a fine art. Whether you’re dreaming up a high-level product design or an haute-couture look, keep your project under your thumb or invite extra hands with Escalidraw Pad, Content Map, and Teams.


A thumbnail sketch is a quick, high-level small drawing of an idea, usually created by design teams to communicate different ideas without diving into the nitty-gritty. This rough sketch offers a general idea of the design elements that a development or design team will pursue.

If you’re creating a thumbnail sketch, remember to leave your inner critic at the door and just put “pen” to “paper.” When you’re unencumbered by the finer points, you might discover a whole new wave of creative concepts to break down and explore together.

Creating thumbnail sketches should be generative, not intimidating. Just gather your team on FigJam’s free thumbnail sketch template—that’s right, you don’t have to break out the charcoal and crayons—and follow these simple steps for graphic design thumbnail sketches that pack a big punch:

1. Identify the problem for your team to focus on (ex: too many bananas)

2. Narrow down the problem to one aspect (ex: how to quickly peel all those bananas)

3. Set your timers and start sketching out solutions

4. Collectively choose (or combine) doodles to explore further

Thumbnail layout sketches tend to fall on the smaller side of things—usually, they’re confined to mere inches.

Despite (or perhaps because) of their minute size, thumbnail sketches can inspire big thinking, enabling the team to fill just one page with myriad unique ideas.

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