Where teams design together.

Design, prototype, and collaborate all in the browser—with Figma.

Where teams design together.
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After that first experience of sending a Figma link out and seeing others immediately jump in, there is no going back.
Bryan Haggerty, Sr. Design Manager at Twitter

Collaborate with everyone, at every phase

Each contributor owns their part of the creative process and stays in sync along the way—across any platform.
Never out of sync
Your designers

Collaborate in context and in real time. Never worry about your files being out of date or overwriting each other’s work.

Your stakeholders
Your stakeholders

Simply send a link to collect feedback, get change requests, and allow stakeholders to make copy updates in your designs.

Source of Truth
Your developers

Engineers always have access to the current source-of-truth and can inspect elements, export assets, and copy code.

Increase efficiency with added flexibility

Explore a few of our favorite features, reimagined to improve your workflow.

Securely connect teams, fonts, and libraries across your entire company.

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Build design systems that scale

Manage and easily share a consistent visual language with styles, components, and team libraries.
It isn’t just that it replaces Sketch. Figma replaces Sketch, InVision and Zeplin.
Ellen Beldner, Head of Product Design at Stitchfix