Figma, Andrew Hogan |
Four years in, here’s what Config tells us about the state of design
We received over 1,000 proposals to speak at our annual user conference this year. Researcher Andrew Hogan helps us dig into the data to see what inspires and excites the community—and what continues to challenge us.
Figma |
The future of design systems is accessible
In the third part of our series, we talk to design system and accessibility experts about making inclusive systems a top priority.
Suzanne LaBarre |
How to build ground-breaking products: A manager's guide
The best teams understand what they’re producing, why they’re doing it, and how they can get it done—here's how manager's can help make it happen.
Suzanne LaBarre |
Leading a dream team: A manager’s guide to unlocking your team’s potential
A three-part series focused on the unique challenges (and opportunities!) people managers face today, along with tips and tricks on how to solve them.
Rogie King |
Creators need creators
New selling tools and the Figma Creator Fund will help fuel the love of craft that fuels Figma Community.
Figma |
The future of design systems is automated
Plugins, widgets, and tooling — the second edition of our series on the future of design systems.
Suzanne LaBarre |
Can design make work, work?
A three-part series focused on the unique challenges (and opportunities!) people managers face today, along with tips and tricks on how to solve them.
Figma |
The future of design systems is complicated
We talked to several industry experts about how they’re managing the future of design systems—from tooling to automation to accessibility.
Figma |
Figma Persona 2022: What’s your creative collaboration style?
Wrap up 2022 with some self-reflection and set creative intentions for the year ahead with Figma’s Persona Quiz.
Rebecca Ackermann |
Figma's feedback gift guide
We've pulled together a handy guide for giving and receiving great feedback.
Andrew Hogan |
The outsized role culture plays in attracting design talent
Wondering how to find (and keep) good design talent? Start with the link between design culture, happiness, and hiring.
Ted Brown |
Collaboration’s next chapter with Microsoft’s Jon Friedman
A Q&A with the design and research leader on the heels of Figma’s integration with Microsoft Teams.
Andrew Hogan |
Digital design is now a real job
The US government just changed the way it tracks jobs. Here’s what that means for the next decade of design.
Alia Fite |
The art and influence of motion
Designer Katie Swindler on the power of movement.
Dylan Field |
Our response to Ukraine
A note to our community.
Alia Fite |
The year ahead: a conversation with Soleio, Julie Zhuo, and May-Li Khoe
On the design community, how creative work is changing, and what makes them optimistic about 2022.
Alia Fite |
Frame 2021: design by the numbers
As we round out 2021, we're sharing the trends, insights, and surprises we saw in Figma and FigJam this year.
Alek Mackie |
Keeping creativity flowing
Alek Mackie, Senior Illustrator at Shopify, shares his tips for staying creative and collaborative, while having fun along the way.
Wayne Ng |
The five stages of an effective brainstorm
It can be tough to bridge the gap between generating moonshot ideas and executing on tactical solutions. Read on for our tips on how to prepare, run, and follow up on a brainstorm.
Alia Fite |
In the file at Config 2021
Watch all of the breakout sessions from Config 2021, and read on for a deep dive into the tactics, processes, and systems that keep the teams at Coda and Stripe running.
Alia Fite |
Shifting team culture at Config 2021
Last month, we came together at Config 2021, Figma’s two-day virtual design conference. Watch the videos from day one, and read on for some of our favorite moments from the conference.