Plan ahead and avoid surprises with a SWOT analysis template

FigJam’s SWOT template helps you spot the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats that your project faces—both internally and externally—so you’re never caught off guard.

diagram with four sections for SWOT analysisdiagram with four sections for SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis template

Invite the whole team to the next pre-project planning meeting for insights from every angle.

Analysis from every angle

FigJam’s SWOT analysis sample makes it easy to outline your project’s plan in all four quadrants. By analyzing external or internal factors that are either helpful or harmful to your process, you can eliminate your team’s blind spots.

Start with an insight: Use your company's strengths and opportunities as inspiration for planning your next moves.

Make an action plan: With a clear view of the challenges your business faces, chart a plan that lets you flex your unique strengths.

Then, self-reflect: Take a step back to assess the effectiveness of a particular project or department.

zoomed in on upper right hand corner of a SWOT templatezoomed in on upper right hand corner of a SWOT template
team members collaborating on an online whiteboardteam members collaborating on an online whiteboard

Rally your team

Bring everyone onto the same page—literally—with our collaborative, editable SWOT analysis template. With FigJam’s cursor chat, stamps, and emotes, it’s easy to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. For detailed SWOT analysis charts that can guide your business strategy, create and collaborate on FigJam’s shared whiteboard templates.


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