Uncover the answers you need with user interview questions

Whether you’re iterating a product or streamlining a service, user interviews provide invaluable insight. With FigJam’s user interview template, you can conduct conversations and record organized notes with confidence and clarity.

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User interview template

Standardize user interviews for your org and grant your team instant access to the feedback you gain.

Community = communication

A product or service is nothing without its users—so communicate with them directly to stay on top of their needs and desires.

Empathize: Connect to users as real human beings—not just figures on a page or cells on a sheet.

Understand: See your product through your users’ eyes and gain an entirely new perspective on how it can be utilized.

Inform: Prioritize tasks and improvements based on real user testing and needs.

questions section of interview notesquestions section of interview notes
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People power, always within reach

FigJam makes it easy for your organization to stay connected with users—and with each other. With our open platform, access the user research interview template from anywhere with a WiFi signal. Then, engage with emotes, cursor chats, and sticky notes to upgrade your interview process and your UX.

Better questions, better business

With our free user interview template you can ask the right questions every time. Then you can put the answers to work with templates from the Community.


User interviews are information gathering meetings wherein a team member asks real-life user questions about their experience with a product or service.

User interviews can be conducted in several ways, depending on what is best for your organization. That said, some best practices run across the board.

You’ll want to ensure that your user is comfortable, you have a reliable note-taking system ready for the interview itself, and you have a set of user research interview questions that will reveal insights into your product or service.

But how do you formulate a user research question that will provide the valuable insight you’re looking for? First, you’ll want to approach your questions with an objective in mind. For instance, if your organization is focused on uncovering and resolving common user issues, you’ll want to ask specific questions about the user’s experience, their general feelings on the product, and any specific problems they’ve run into.

Here are a few general rules to follow:

  • Make questions simple enough for the interviewee to give a concise answer without thinking too hard.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Offer specific scenarios. Some users may not feel comfortable going in depth without being prompted.

The most important aspect of user interview analysis is adequate, organized note-taking. A structured note-taking system will reveal trends on its own.

Don’t rely on memory alone—use FigJam’s user interview script example and template to record your interview data. FigJam keeps your information organized, clear, and accessible to everyone in your organization.

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