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LabelSublayer (on ConnectorNodes) acts like pared-back version of a rectangle node. It is used to provide a background on text.

Basic traits

toString(): string

Returns a string representation of the node. For debugging purposes only, do not rely on the exact output of this string in production code.

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parent: (BaseNode & ChildrenMixin) | null [readonly]

Returns the parent of this node, if any. This property is not meant to be directly edited. To reparent, see appendChild.

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Tip: parent will always return a ConnectorNode

fills: ReadonlyArray<Paint> | figma.mixed

The paints used to fill the area of the shape. For help on how to change this value, see Editing Properties.

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fillStyleId: string | figma.mixed

The id of the PaintStyle object that the fills property of this node is linked to.

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cornerRadius: number | figma.mixed

The number of pixels to round the corners of the object by.

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topLeftRadius: number

topRightRadius: number

bottomLeftRadius: number

bottomRightRadius: number

You can set individual corner radius of each of the four corners of a rectangle node or frame-like node. Similar to cornerRadius, these value must be non-negative and can be fractional. If an edge length is less than twice the corner radius, the corner radius for each vertex of the edge will be clamped to half the edge length.

Setting cornerRadius sets the property for all four corners. Setting these corners to different values makes cornerRadius return mixed.