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Represents a range of characters in a text node and its styles.

characters: string

The characters in the range of text with the same styles.

start: number

Start index (inclusive) of the range of characters.

end: number

End index (exclusive) of the range of characters.

fontSize: number

The size of the font. Has minimum value of 1.

fontName: FontName

The font family (e.g. "Inter"), and font style (e.g. "Regular").

fontWeight: number

The weight of the font (e.g. 400 for "Regular", 700 for "Bold").

textDecoration: TextDecoration

Whether the text is underlined or has a strikethrough.

textCase: TextCase

Overrides the case of the raw characters in the text node.

lineHeight: LineHeight

The spacing between the lines in a paragraph of text.

letterSpacing: LetterSpacing

The spacing between the individual characters.

fills: Paint[]

The paints used to fill the area of the shape.

textStyleId: string

The id of the TextStyle object that the text properties of this node are linked to

fillStyleId: string

The id of the PaintStyle object that the fills property of this node is linked to.

listOptions: TextListOptions

The list settings.

indentation: number

The indentation.

A HyperlinkTarget if the text node has exactly one hyperlink, or null if the node has none.

openTypeFeatures: { readonly [feature in OpenTypeFeature]: boolean}

OpenType features that have been explicitly enabled or disabled.