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type Trigger =
{ readonly type: "ON_CLICK" | "ON_HOVER" | "ON_PRESS" | "ON_DRAG", "ON_MEDIA_END" } |
{ readonly type: "AFTER_TIMEOUT", readonly timeout: number } |
{ readonly type: "MOUSE_ENTER" | "MOUSE_LEAVE" | "MOUSE_UP" | "MOUSE_DOWN",
readonly delay: number,
} |
{ readonly type: "ON_KEY_DOWN",
readonly device: "KEYBOARD" | "XBOX_ONE" | "PS4" | "SWITCH_PRO" | "UNKNOWN_CONTROLLER",
readonly keyCodes: ReadonlyArray<number>,
} |
{ readonly type: "ON_MEDIA_HIT",
readonly timestamp: number

A prototyping Trigger describes the user input needed to cause an interaction to happen.

The "ON_HOVER" and "ON_PRESS" trigger types revert the navigation when the trigger is finished. On the other hand, "MOUSE_ENTER", "MOUSE_LEAVE", "MOUSE_UP" and "MOUSE_DOWN" are permanent, one-way navigation.

The delay parameter requires the trigger to be held for a certain duration of time before the action occurs.

Both timeout and delay are stored in milliseconds.

The "ON_MEDIA_HIT" and "ON_MEDIA_END" trigger types can only trigger from a video. They fire when a video reaches a certain time or ends. The timestamp parameter is stored in seconds.