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The VectorPath API is the recommended way to change the geometry of a vector object. While vector networks are more powerful, they are significantly more complicated and very easy to get wrong. Paths are usually sufficient and much easier to work with. Creating a vector path looks like this:

// Set the geometry to a triangle
node.vectorPaths = [{
windingRule: "EVENODD",
data: "M 0 100 L 100 100 L 50 0 Z",


windingRule: WindingRule | 'NONE' [readonly]

The winding rule for the path (same as in SVGs). This determines whether a given point in space is inside or outside the path.

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data: string [readonly]

A series of path commands that encodes how to draw the path.

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Vector nodes can be composed of multiple VectorPath(s).

type VectorPaths = ReadonlyArray<VectorPath>