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These are methods and properties available on the figma.viewport global object. It represents the area of the canvas that is currently visible on-screen, commonly referred to as the viewport. The position of the viewport is represented via its center coordinate and zoom level.

center: Vector

Center of the the current page that is currently visible on screen.

zoom: number

Zoom level. A value of 1.0 means 100% zoom, 0.5 means 50% zoom.

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scrollAndZoomIntoView(nodes: ReadonlyArray<BaseNode>): void

Automatically sets the viewport coordinates such that the nodes are visible on screen. It is the equivalent of pressing Shift-1.

bounds: Rect [readonly]

The bounds of the viewport of the page that is currently visible on screen. The (x, y) corresponds to the top-left of the screen. User actions such as resizing the window or showing/hiding the rulers/UI will change the bounds of the viewport.