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Remove characters in the text from start (inclusive) to end (exclusive).


deleteCharacters(start: number, end: number): void


This API allows you to remove characters in a text node while preserving the styles of the existing characters. However, you still need to call figma.loadFontAsync before using this API.


⚠ Did you know: not all glyphs that you might think as a "character" are actually stored as a single character in JavaScript string? JavaScript strings are UTF-16 encoded. Some characters like "👍" are stored using two characters! Try it in the JavaScript console: "👍".length is 2! The two characters are called "surrogate pairs". Even more mindblowing: some characters are made of multiple emojis. For example, "👨‍👧", which you should see in your browser as a single character, has length 5. "👨‍👧".substring(0, 2) is "👨" and "👨‍👧".substring(3, 5) is "👧".

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