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Insert characters at index start in the text.


insertCharacters(start: number, characters: string, useStyle?: 'BEFORE' | 'AFTER'): void


This API allows you to insert characters in a text node while preserving the styles of the existing characters. However, you still need to call figma.loadFontAsync before using this API.

The style of the inserted characters will be copied from the preceding character if useStyle is "BEFORE" or not provided. Otherwise, the style of inserted characters will be copied from the following character. If there is no preceding or following character (i.e. start is at the boundary of the string), then the style will be copied from the closest existing character.


⚠ Did you know: not all glyphs that you might think as a "character" are actually stored as a single character in JavaScript string? JavaScript strings are UTF-16 encoded. Some characters like "👍" are stored using two characters! Try it in the JavaScript console: "👍".length is 2! The two characters are called "surrogate pairs". Even more mindblowing: some characters are made of multiple emojis. For example, "👨‍👧", which you should see in your browser as a single character, has length 5. "👨‍👧".substring(0, 2) is "👨" and "👨‍👧".substring(3, 5) is "👧".

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