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This API is only available in FigJam

Resolves link metadata from a URL, and inserts either an embed or a unfurled preview of the link into the document An embed will be inserted if the URL is a valid OEmbed provider (has a <link type="application/json+oembed" ... /> tag). The returned <iframe> source will be converted into an EmbedNode.

Otherwise, the title, description, thumbnail, and favicon will be parsed from the HTML markup of the URL using standard og or twitter meta tags. This information will be converted into a LinkUnfurlNode.


createLinkPreviewAsync(url: string): Promise<EmbedNode | LinkUnfurlNode>




This API is only available in FigJam

Creating embeds and link unfurl nodes
(async () => {
// Creates an EmbedNode
const youtubeEmbed = await figma.createLinkPreviewAsync('')

// Creates a LinkUnfurlNode
const unfurledLink = await figma.createLinkPreviewAsync('')