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This API creates a new node using the JSX API used by widgets.


createNodeFromJSXAsync(jsx: any): Promise<SceneNode>


This API is a convenient and ergonomic way to bulk create nodes:

const {Image, AutoLayout} = figma.widget;

const node = await figma.createNodeFromJSXAsync(
<AutoLayout fill="#F00" padding={20}>
<Image src="" width={200} height={200}/>

The JSX API does not support all features that exist on the equivalent SceneNode. For example we don't support setting style ids or rendering instances via JSX. You can always use createNodeFromJSXAsync to create a node and then set the properties you need on the created nodes.

Note that to use this API you must configure your build system to compile tsx.

There are 3 steps that you need to do to use this API in your plugin.

  1. Install the @figma/widget-typings package.
  2. Add the appropriate compiler options to your tsconfig.json file
  3. Make sure that the file name for you code ends with the .tsx extension

If you are building a widget these should already be done for you.

Install the widget typings

In the directory of your plugin run the following command to install the widget typings:

npm i --save-dev @figma/widget-typings

Add compiler options to your tsconfig.json file

You need to make sure that you add the following properties to your tsconfig.json file. This configures typescript to transpile any jsx that you use into a way that our plugin runtime understands.

"jsx": "react",
"jsxFactory": "figma.widget.h",
"jsxFragmentFactory": "figma.widget.Fragment",

Here is an example completed tsconfig.json file with the appropriate properties added.

"compilerOptions": {
"jsx": "react",
"jsxFactory": "figma.widget.h",
"jsxFragmentFactory": "figma.widget.Fragment",
"target": "es6",
"lib": [
"strict": true,
"typeRoots": [


If you are using a build system (ex babel, vite, esbuild). You might have to configure the jsx options for your build system.

Change file extension

For plugins our default template puts your code in a code.ts file. You should rename this to code.tsx so that you can use jsx in your plugin.