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Makes a font available in the plugin for use when creating and modifying text. Calling this function is necessary to modify any property of a text node that may cause the rendered text to change, including .characters, .fontSize, .fontName, etc.

You can either pass in a hardcoded font, a font loaded via listAvailableFontsAsync, or the font stored on an existing text node.

Read more about how to work with fonts, when to load them, and how to load them in the Working with Text page.


loadFontAsync(fontName: FontName): Promise<void>


This function only works to load fonts already accessible in the Figma editor available to plugins. It does not load fonts from the internet.

Tip: to load multiple fonts at the same time, you may find Promise.all helpful.

A common question is whether a plugin needs to be careful about calling loadFontAsync(font) for the same font multiple times. The answer is somewhat nuanced. The result of loading a font is cached, so calling loadFontAsync won't re-fetch the same font from disk. Therefore, calling loadFontAsync on every frame would be perfectly ok.

However, note that loadFontAsync returns a Promise. Even a Promise resolves immediately, it still needs to round-trip to the JavaScript event loop. So you probably shouldn't call loadFontAsync on the same font repeatedly inside a loop.

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