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This a constant value that some node properties return when they are a mix of multiple values. An example might be font size: a single text node can use multiple different font sizes for different character ranges. For those properties, you should always compare against figma.mixed.


mixed: unique symbol [readonly]



Check if property is a mix of multiple values
if (node.type === 'RECTANGLE') {
if (node.cornerRadius !== figma.mixed) {
console.log(`Single corner radius: ${node.cornerRadius}`)
} else {
console.log(`Mixed corner radius: ${node.topLeftRadius}, ${node.topRightRadius}, ${node.bottomLeftRadius}, ${node.bottomRightRadius}`)

Your plugin never needs to know what the actual value of figma.mixed is, only that it is a unique, constant value that can be compared against. That being said, this value returns an object of type symbol which is a more advanced feature of Javascript. Read more about symbols. It works in TypeScript via the unique symbol subtype.

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