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Shows a notification on the bottom of the screen.


notify(message: string, options?: NotificationOptions): NotificationHandler



The message to show. It is limited to 100 characters. Longer messages will be truncated.


An optional argument with the following optional parameters:

interface NotificationOptions {
timeout?: number;
error?: boolean;
  • timeout: How long the notification stays up in milliseconds before closing. Defaults to 4 seconds when not specified. Set the timeout to Infinity to make the notification show indefinitely until the plugin is closed.
  • error: If true, display the notification as an error message, with a different color.


The notify API is a convenient way to show a message to the user. These messages can be queued.

Calling figma.notify returns a NotificationHandler object. This object contains a single handler.cancel() method that can be used to remove the notification before it times out by itself. This is useful if the notification becomes no longer relevant.

interface NotificationHandler {
cancel: () => void

An alternative way to show a message to the user is to pass a message to the figma.closePlugin function.