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Applicable only on direct children of auto-layout frames, ignored otherwise. Determines if the layer should stretch along the parent’s counter axis. Defaults to “INHERIT”.


layoutAlign: 'MIN' | 'CENTER' | 'MAX' | 'STRETCH' | 'INHERIT'


Changing this property will cause the x, y, size, and relativeTransform properties on this node to change, if applicable (inside an auto-layout frame).

  • Setting "STRETCH" will make the node "stretch" to fill the width of the parent vertical auto-layout frame, or the height of the parent horizontal auto-layout frame excluding the frame's padding.
  • If the current node is an auto layout frame (e.g. an auto layout frame inside a parent auto layout frame) if you set layoutAlign to “STRETCH” you should set the corresponding axis – either primaryAxisSizingMode or counterAxisSizingMode – to be“FIXED”. This is because an auto-layout frame cannot simultaneously stretch to fill its parent and shrink to hug its children.
  • Setting "INHERIT" does not "stretch" the node.

⚠️ Previously, layoutAlign also determined counter axis alignment of auto-layout frame children. Counter axis alignment is now set on the auto-layout frame itself through counterAxisAlignItems. Note that this means all layers in an auto-layout frame must now have the same counter axis alignment. This means "MIN", "CENTER", and "MAX" are now deprecated values of layoutAlign.

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