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Determines whether this layer uses auto-layout to position its children. Defaults to "NONE".


layoutMode: 'NONE' | 'HORIZONTAL' | 'VERTICAL'


Changing this property will cause the position of the children of this layer to change as a side-effect. It also causes the size of this layer to change, since at least one dimension of auto-layout frames is automatically calculated.

As a consequence, note that if a frame has layoutMode === "NONE", calling layoutMode = "VERTICAL"; layoutMode = "NONE" does not leave the document unchanged. Removing auto-layout from a frame does not restore the children to their original positions.

This property must be set to "HORIZONTAL" or "VERTICAL" in order for the layoutAlign, counterAxisSizingMode, horizontalPadding, verticalPadding, itemSpacing, itemReverseZIndex, strokesIncludedInLayout properties to be applicable.

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