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Get Help

To ask questions about how to use the API, and get resources and help from fellow plugin developers, join our community-driven Discord server.

If you have a feature request or bug reports that are not already documented, they can be sent to

Issues with specific plugins should be sent directly to the plugin author using the contact information provided on that plugin's page.

How to get your issue resolved faster

When you run into an issue building a plugin, you will get a better & faster answer if you provide more information.

Include the error message

❌ Bad example: "I tried to call node.appendChild, but it ran into an error. What can I do?"

✅ Good example: "I tried to call node.appendChild, but I got an error message 'Cannot move node. Node is an internal, readonly-only node'. I don't understand this error -- what does it mean for a node to be internal?"

Show the code that didn't do what you expected

❌ Bad example: "Is creating boolean operations with plugins broken? I can't see anything after creating one."

✅ Good example: "I'm having difficulties with using figma.createBooleanOperation(). I expected the following to be the equivalent of selecting a rectangle and circle, and unioning them, but instead I see nothing

const node = figma.createBooleanOperation()

Am I doing something wrong?"

Provide code and a series of reproducible steps

❌ Bad example: "This error seems to come from internal Figma code, can you fix it?"

✅ Good example: "When I use figma.someAPI, I get an error which I suspect is a bug. Here is the code that I am currently running [attached zip]. To reproduce, open a file containing an image, select the image, run the plugin, and click on the "analyze" button."