Prototyping Tool

A Step Ahead of Other Prototyping Tools

Create and present in the same place, with one single source of truth.
Stay in the flow by creating and prototyping in the same tool.
Share prototypes with anyone on any device with a single, live URL.
Creating prototypes is as easy as ordering frames on your screen or linking objects with connectors.
A Step Ahead of Other Prototyping Tools

All in One Design and Presentation

Figma prototypes are living documents--when you make changes to the original design, they’ll be reflected instantly in your presentations.
Tweak frames or add screens in real time while others watch.
Go from design to presentation with one click.
Editors can make changes directly in the file.
All in One Design and Presentation

Clickable Prototypes

Whether showing off your work to fellow designers, pitching executives, or testing user interaction, our prototyping tools have you covered.
Turn different objects into ‘hot spots’ to allow deeper user interaction.
Add common transitional animations as you move between frames.
Use components to easily populate navigation throughout the prototype.
Clickable Prototypes

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