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Release Notes

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Meet the new Figma for Jira app

We’re introducing a new version of the Figma for Jira app in open beta. With this update you can now more seamlessly link Figma design files to Jira issues, see larger preview of linked designs, and get notified of real-time design changes – all within Jira. Reduce context switching and create a shared source of truth across Figma and Jira.

Install the new Figma for Jira app or learn more.

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Variables can now be bound to new fields in Figma

  • Effects:
    • Inner shadow
      • Number variable fields: X, Y, Blur, Spread
      • Color variable fields: Effect color
    • Drop shadow
      • Number variable fields: X, Y, Blur, Spread
      • Color variable fields: Effect color
    • Layer blur
      • Number variable fields: Blur
    • Background blur
      • Number variable fields: Blur
  • Stroke weight
    • Number variable fields: Stroke weight, bottom weight, right weight, left weight, top weight
  • Layout grid
    • Number variable fields: Count, width, margin, offset, gutter
  • Layer opacity
    • Number variable fields: Opacity

Nested Instance Variant Binding: now, string variables can be bound to a nested instance’s variant properties, rather than only parent instances.

Additionally, you can resize the variables authoring window.

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Hidden workspaces

Rolling out to Enterprise accounts over the next week: Org admins on enterprise accounts can now designate workspaces as “hidden” for more control over their sensitive content. Users who are not a member of the hidden workspace won’t be able to see it, but can still interact with individual documents they’ve been added to.

New release, Desktop app, Figma, Administration, Collaboration

Billing groups

Rolling out to all Enterprise accounts over the next week, org admins can now sort users by cost center into a new container called billing groups. This allows them to track costs while using workspaces for content organization and collaboration.

As part of this roll out, license management will transition from workspace admins to billing group admins. Workspace admins will no longer upgrade and downgrade users in their workspace or participate in true up.

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New Community pages layout

Now with Figma’s new layout for Community pages, your resource can stand out amongst the rest. Revamp your resource by adding images and videos (for plugins only) and picking a relevant category to better showcase what kind of resource it is and what it can do.

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Retiring Community Remixes

Users will no longer be able to publish remixed versions of other Community files. Don’t worry, existing remix files will not be removed. We encourage you to continue sharing, collaborating, and iterating as a Community, while creating resources that are as unique as you are.

New release, Figma Community, Extensibility

Download Payout Statements in Community

Monthly payout statements are now available in your Community profile. Just click ‘View payout statements’ under the ‘Metrics’ tab to download a CSV of your earnings on Community.

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Autogenerated passwords (Professional & Organization plans)

Users on our Professional and Organization plans now have the option to use a password that's been autogenerated by Figma or manually create their own when setting a password on a file.