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Update, Figma, Prototyping

Update your prototypes for better state management

Now we standardize the state management for prototypes using interactive components, scrolling, and video so that in all cases we default memorize the state, preserve them, and offer a way to reset.

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New release, FigJam, Mobile apps, Collaboration, Design, Diagramming, Meetings & workshops

Meet the new FigJam for iPad app

Now iPad users can draw, sketch, and whiteboard in the FigJam for iPad app—a distraction-free space dedicated to your FigJam files.

Download the app here or learn more.

New release, Update, Desktop app, FigJam, Figma, Figma Community, Design

Memory usage banners and tooling

To keep you informed of your memory usage, and any potential issues that may arise, we've adjusted our memory banners and alerts to live in the side bar along with your pages and layers.

We've also introduced a Memory use tool to surface memory consumed in your files by Page Content and Imported Components as well as the ability to show memory usage in the layers panel for all layers.

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Update, Figma, Design

Perform mixed math in vector edit mode

When you have multiple vertices selected in vector edit mode, you can now type ‘Mixed + [value]’ into the X or Y input box to add the same value to each vertex.

Update, Figma, Design

Hold shift to align to objects' respective frames

When you select multiple objects across multiple frames, holding shift now gives you the option to align those objects as groups within their respective frames.

Update, Figma, Collaboration, Design

Duplicate files open directly in a new tab

When duplicating a file, the copy will now open automatically in a new tab.

New release, FigJam, Figma, Administration

Disable cursor chat for your organization

Now companies on the Enterprise plan can opt to disable cursor chat in Figma and FigJam for their organization.

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New release, FigJam, Accessibility, Collaboration, Meetings & workshops

FigJam is now accessible to screen readers

Users reliant on assistive technology can now interact with objects on the FigJam canvas via screen reader to more easily participate in brainstorms and team meetings.

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