Welcome to Figma Resources
Resources by and for the Figma community, to help you learn and accelerate your workflow.
Visual System for Figma
A pixel-perfect premium UI kit designed with light and dark themes.
Open Figma
A Mac menubar app that opens Figma links in the Desktop App
Dribbble Integration
Transfer your frames directly from Figma into Dribbble
Principle Integration
Animate your Figma designs with our Principle integration
Zeplin Integration
Connect your Figma files, and export assets automatically to Zeplin
Figma SCSS
Output your color and text styles and into SCSS variables and mixins.
Nesting Components in Figma
Robin shares tips and tricks for working with components in Figma, picked up while building a UI Kit at Gusto
Passport Figma
Passport strategy for authenticating with Figma using the OAuth 2.0 API.
The best UI builder for the web
Design collaboration for everyone: Share, present, and document your ideas as you go
Relay for Figma
Relay pushes your latest assets from Figma directly to your codebase.
Micro Figma
A tiny microservice that makes adding authentication with Figma to your application easy
Create dynamic, cross-platform UIs using design tools, code, or both
Hello Figma
Easily integrate Figma's OAuth2 authentication with your web application using Hello.js
Gatsby Source Figma
Gatsby plugin for using Figma documents as a data source.
The Figma styleguide generator
Figma x Overflow
Turn your designs into playable user flow diagrams that tell a story
Figma Ubuntu
This is a Snap Package of the Awesome Design Tool called Figma.
Figma to JSON
Parse and download a JSON from your figma file.
Figma to Flutter
A Dart code generator that converts Figma components to Flutter widgets