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Welcome to Figma Resources
Welcome to Figma Resources
Resources by and for the Figma community, to help you learn and accelerate your workflow.
Figma to Google Slides
Figma to Google Slides
Turn Figma frames into a Google Slides presentation.
Components, styles, and shared library best practices
Components, styles, and shared library best practices
Shared components and style libraries are the cornerstone to producing consistent designs with ease—this guide will help get you up and running with a collection of tips and recommendations.
Notes Templates
Notes Templates
A collection of components for leaving notes to in your Figma documents.
Sections Wireframe Kit for Figma
Sections Wireframe Kit for Figma
A premium wireframing kit to kickstart your design process.
Teams best practices in Figma Organization
Teams best practices in Figma Organization
This guide will help you optimize your teams in Figma Organization to achieve greater control over visibility, file organization, and user permissions.
Huawei P20 Pro Mockup
Huawei P20 Pro Mockup
A high quality device mockup.
Safari Mockup (Mac OS Mojave edition)
Safari Mockup (Mac OS Mojave edition)
Safari Mockup is available in two themes (light and dark) like on Mac OS Mojave. Exclusive for Figma, ready for a free use. All mockup elements are fully editable, all the way down to the icons and fonts on the screen.
SaaS Dashboard CRM UI Kit
SaaS Dashboard CRM UI Kit
Designed exclusively for Figma, this CRM dashboard UI kit was designed to help speed up your workflow with easy-to-modify components and screens.
Our first 6 months with Figma
Our first 6 months with Figma
From a multinational to a startup. Is Figma a good fit for your team?
How to Design Complex Components in Figma
How to Design Complex Components in Figma
Unlock the power of Figma's component features, including layouts grids, constraints, and instance swapping.
Evericons for Figma
Evericons for Figma
Evericons is a big pack of over 460 free icons.
OPPO Find X Device Mock up
OPPO Find X Device Mock up
A high quality mockup for the OPPO Find X device with a variety of options.
From Figma to Webflow: Turning your static designs into interactive websites
From Figma to Webflow: Turning your static designs into interactive websites
Keep the magic going by turning your designs into fully functional websites with Webflow
Avocode + Figma Integration
Avocode + Figma Integration
Import Figma design frames into Avocode
Figma Assets Generator
Figma Assets Generator
Creates assets from a Figma document and places them locally in a folder.
Alfred Figma Workflow
Alfred Figma Workflow
An Alfred workflow that shortcuts users to Figma projects and files
Visual System for Figma
Visual System for Figma
A pixel-perfect premium UI kit designed with light and dark themes.
Wireframe Component Library
Wireframe Component Library
A wireframe library to speed up your ideation process.
Flow Arrows
Flow Arrows
Flow arrows, made to help you build conversational interactions.
Get Apps UI
Get Apps UI
Use predesigned apps as a starting point for your projects.