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April 2019

Zeroheight for Figma
Zeroheight | Extensions & APIs


July 2018

How We Handle Design System with Figma
Denis Rojčyk | Guides & Best Practices
Figma | Guides & Best Practices
Method Wireframing Kit for Figma
Denis Shepovalov | Assets
Product Design Kit for Figma
Mateusz Wierzbicki | Assets
Social Cover Generator
Leonid Stern | Assets
Feather Icons
Cole Bemis & Mauricio Quezada | Assets
Isometric Device Mockup
Dustin Tanner | Assets
Philippe Hong | Assets
Material Icons—Outline
Figma | Assets
Iconic, Meg Robichaud
Meg Robichaud | Assets
Material Design 1.0
Figma | Assets
UX Flow
Greg Dlubacz | Assets
Value Proposition Canvas
Paul Sabandal | Assets
Pulse Heartbeat Atomic Components
Leonid Stern | Assets
Set Product
Roman Kamushken | Assets
Motive Studio | Assets
Material Icons—Sharp
Figma | Assets
Material Icons—Rounded
Figma | Assets
Material Icons—Fill
Figma | Assets
Material Design 2.0 Theming kit
Figma | Assets
Material Icons—Duotone
Figma | Assets
Material Design 2
Marcel Mölter | Assets
Iconic: Meg Robichaud (delete this one)
Meg Robichaud | Assets
Iconic: Ryan Putnam
Ryan Putnam | Assets
iPhone X Device
Paper Tiger | Assets
Figma Resources
Craig Wattrus | Assets
Figma Redlines
Anton Lapko | Assets
Figma Crush
Figma Crush | Assets
Facebook iOS 11 UI Kit
Figma | Assets
Creative Things 2.0 Icons
Kyle Adams | Assets
Chrome 70 UI for OSX
Anton Lapko | Assets
Ant Design UI Kit
Will Hurley | Assets
Browser Isometric
Gaurang Alat | Assets
Clarity Design System UI Kit
Sergey Durnov | Assets
Design Dictionary from Figma
Figma | Guides & Best Practices
How Figma changed the way we design
Thiago Costa | Guides & Best Practices
Figma: Colors & Styles
Mirko Santangelo | Guides & Best Practices
Intro to User Experience Design
SuperHi | Courses